Don’t feel guilty! It’s okay to splurge sometimes!

TMNT Birthday Cake for Beck's party!

TMNT Birthday Cake for Beck’s party!

This weekend was Beck’s 4-year-old birthday party, TMNT Themed. We had foot soldier boxing pop ups, a turtle lair for them to play in and beat up the “bad guys”, mutagen (gak) and masks to turn them into TMNT and of course a pinata to beat the hell out of! Then we ate! I made his cake (see below), we also had worms and algae (jello and gummy worms) kool-aid, Cheetos, and pizza that night! YEP bring on the calories! THEN we ate at the country club Sunday after church da da dummmmm FATTENING hahaha..fried..fried…white carbs, white carbs….neeedless to say this weekend was not a healthy one! Am I upset?? NO! I have been working my ass off, so two days taken off to celebrate with my sweet boy doesn’t make me mad or upset! I enjoyed it and now I am back enjoying my veggies and water! I will actually say I was a little sick Sunday afternoon from the fried and white rich carbs so I was kind of over it last night. 

What I want you to know is that sometimes we won’t eat healthy for different reasons – parties, holidays, date night – whatever! IT IS OKAY! JUST AS LONG AS YOU DON’T DO IT EVERY SINGLE DAY AND SO ON! Life is short so you should enjoy your child’s birthday cake without feeling guilty! We NEVER go to the movies, I MEAN EVER! The closest movie theater is 50 mins away plus leave time to grab a bite to eat or gas – so that is an extra 2 hours of babysitter fees I have to pay for being gone to watch a movie. It gets expensive really quick – so when we do get that rare chance to see a movie in the theater I don’t feel bad for having dip -n- dots, popcorn, a candy bar, a pretzel or whatever! I DO try to keep it a regular size candy bar, a small popcorn, etc…keeping the proportions in control helps! Now if I went to the movies every weekend I would be sneaking carrots in and such!  Have those treats sometimes so you don’t feel deprived! 

Don’t feel bad if you ate unhealthy for a day or even two! Just get back on track! I don’t let myself go too long otherwise I get back into that old rut of eating unhealthy again! If you haven’t treated yourself and you have been working your butt off set up a treat day in the next week for yourself! You deserve it..without the guilt!





3 thoughts on “Don’t feel guilty! It’s okay to splurge sometimes!

  1. I agree, don’t deprive yourselves at these events. What I try to do to minimize any excessive splurging is to try to eat healthy prior to the event. That takes away the hunger aspect of it, and I can pick a little here and there to get a flavor of the celebration.

    • Yes! I do the exact same thing at Christmas parties! Every time I turn around there are treats in my face so I eat and get full before I go – no temptation then!
      great advice! Thanks!

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