Find the exercise that fits you!

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We are all different. We all respond to things in life differently. So why would exercise be any different? Just because my husband likes lifting weights doesn’t necessarily mean I will or just because my best bud goes to zumba doesn’t mean I will love it!  Don’t get me wrong I like to exercise and be active in a lot of different ways but I don’t LOVE everything. I don’t really like Pilates but I LOVE what it does for my body so I do it. I do really like to swim and run. Also, I LOVE yoga, aerobic classes and zumba. I do some exercise just  because its good for my body and others I just actually enjoy the process.

My mom can’t run – no way no how. BUT she found Pilates and walking. She can do both of them, they challenge her, and for the most part she enjoys them. Find what you enjoy that challenges you as well! Be open to trying all different kinds of activities until you find what appeals to you. You could enjoy hiking, surfing, yoga, Pilates, barre, piyo, crossfit, running, walking, lifting weights, Zumba, pole dancing, swimming, paddle-boarding, canoeing! Just because you aren’t going to the gym doesn’t mean you aren’t being physically active!  Find things outdoors that intrigue you or sports like soccer, basketball, tennis, baseball, and volleyball! Get a group of friends together and play! Just get up and do something that you enjoy while getting healthy!


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