Are you passing it on to your kids??

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Our kids are watching our every move. Kids pay attention to everything you say and do. Are you setting them up for a good future? I try to always (doesn’t always happen) be upbeat and positive. I let them know IT CAN BE DONE! I constantly talk about and show them hard work but also relaxing time. We laugh, sing, dance, and enjoy life. We try different foods and I take them to see and experience different places. I am trying my best to make them versatile. I want them to try new things and not be scared to conquer their goals. I want them to love life to the fullest and thank God for all that has been given to them. 

Your kids are watching you and learning from you. Are you positive and happy? Do you focus on them or yourself? Do you show them enough love and attention? You are molding them into their future selves. Help teach them manners, right and wrong, how to love and live their life. Show them how to be healthy and thankful for what they have.

Beck and Noah both watch me workout. Beck cheers me on when times get tough and I am worn out. I taught him to do this. I said Cheer me on, I need your encouragement. So he will shout GO MOMMA GO!! GO MOMMA GO!! SO while I am in this grueling workout I see him shouting and smiling and I say out loud so that he can hear …. I CAN DO THIS!! I WILL DO THIS!!! THIS IS HARD BUT I CAN DO IT!! He is learning several things – exercise makes me healthy and strong, learning to encourage others, and not to quit even though it is hard. I try to give them healthier foods rather than crap food all day (we do have crap food though! I am not perfect). I teach them to be thankful for all that they have because other boys and girls may not have toys, a bed, a house, food or even water. Beck looks sad when I tell him this and always says, “Well, momma they can come to my house and sleep in my bed and I have food” I am teaching him to be thankful for even the little things and tell the Lord everyday thank you for the life he has given you. I am also teaching him to care for others and their needs.

We read every night (we started reading to him at 3 months old) so his vocabulary is pretty dang good. He has confidence in himself because every day I tell him you are so smart, so creative, so handsome, and I love you so very much. I also let him fall and pick himself up and fail at things because he learns from that as well. He has to learn that life isn’t easy and there will be days where he falls off his horse and he has to get right back up and keep on riding. He gets punished when he has done the wrong thing and knows there are consequences to his actions. Will they be perfect? OF COURSE NOT! BUT as a teacher I have seen what happens when kids have no guidance. Kids CRAVE your attention and discipline. It may not seem like it but they do. 21 Jumpstreet says it all they something like “Man, it’s so cool your parents don’t give a shit about you!…I KNOW right! He has a house party and they can do whatever they want. Yeah, they act like its cool but it isn’t. I have seen the look on kids faces when parents aren’t around or care..who don’t show up to things or just throw money at them. BUT I have also seen where the parents have done their best and the kid is just who the kids is and you can’t change them. All I can think is, what would they have been like if the parents wouldn’t have tried and done their best at least they are better than what they would have been with no guidance! I have also seen parents that let their children run all over them and whatever the kids says goes. You are not doing anything good for your children when you do this.  Think back, my parents and that age group or older are such good people, hard workers, caring, and so forth. A lot of the younger people feel entitled and are lazy. They think they are “special” and everything should be handed to them. Don’t teach your kid to behave like this. Go back to the olden days of how to raise your family. Have supper at the table (even if it a steam bag of veggies and a chicken from the George Foreman and sit down to talk about your days. Take them to church and say prayers. Teach them how to dress appropriately (even if you are wearing hand me downs you can tuck in shirt, comb your hair, and be presentable).  Show them love and play board games as a family or have movie night. Let them play outdoors instead playing video games ALL day or watch tv for hours on end. 

Things like drinking, smoking, drugs, abuse of any kind, your lifestyle in general  WILL affect your child’s life, whether you think it does or not! Are you overweight and unhealthy? Then most likely your kids will be at some point as well. Do you smoke? They probably will as well. Do you slap your wife? Then your child might do it as well! It affects their life. They may see what you have done and do the opposite because they learned what NOT to do but MOST of the time they do EXACTLY what you do!

Lastly spoil them..with the right things! I was spoiled with attention (NOT MATERIAL ITEMS) as a child and teenager. I didn’t get everything I wanted when I wanted it….BUT I could always count on my parents attention. My mom spoiled me with her love, guidance, and patience. In return I am the woman I am today because of them.

Your kids are watching you and learning. Are you setting a good example? Are you being the BEST you can be? Today take the time to enjoy the day with your children and show them the attention they desperately want and need!


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