11 Healthy Food Swaps

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When people start eating healthy they are so scared and confused about the entire idea of it! Start by making some little changes. Instead of tea with sugar replace the sugar with stevia. Instead of frying your egg with butter try replacing it with a dab of coconut oil. Milk chocolate replace with dark. The little changes get you going and eventually make it easier to make more healthy changes.

I use to HATE, do you hear me, HATE dark chocolate. I started making myself eat it and I found a brand I really loved it was made with a little sea salt. Then I found myself rather having it than milk chocolate. When I eat dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate I am not left with those crazy I WANT MORE, NOW…RIGHT NOW..chocolate cravings! I am satisfied with just one piece with milk chocolate I am never satisfied. I finally got my mom on the bandwagon as well! Took some time but she came around!

thanks to theberry for the image

Try substituting some of the things above! STEPS….


9 thoughts on “11 Healthy Food Swaps

  1. I switched over from butter to coconut a little while ago. I love it! You don’t get the flavor influence from the butter, as the coconut is almost tasteless. I’m also using pink salt as well. My entire family uses it now, so I chock that one up as a victory for me! 🙂

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