TIME..it takes TIME!!!

Becoming healthy is time-consuming and hard work. It can get frustrating at times when you are at a plateau and not really seeing any changes. I have to remind myself some days that what I am doing is NOT going to happen overnight! I AM a work in progress. To get the body I want will take a while to get it! I probably still have a year to go until I get fully toned in every spot that I want. YES I have lost the baby pounds but I still have a few little pounds I could lose and I have to tone up! So NO it won’t be tomorrow but I WILL eventually get there! IT TAKES TIME and PATIENCE!! My husband didn’t get his 6 pack overnight, it took time and motivation. He didn’t give up easily and he worked his butt off for it. 

I KNOW I’m NOT going to stop! ARE YOU???? 


FOUR YEARS to do this! She did it the HEALTHY WAY!! No diet pills, cabbage diets, etc.. Good old working out and eating healthy! 

thanks to theberry for the image!


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