Recover! RECOVER! Recover!

The Epidemic of Exhausted Women.

Well, I didn’t work out Saturday or Sunday. My body has been telling me to rest and I have been ignoring it for quiet a few days. It needs a break. I finally admitted I needed the rest. I give all the people I help recovery weeks, so why am I not giving myself a recovery week? I need a recovery week! I haven’t had one in quiet some time and I have been working out pretty hard. Swimming, biking, running, AND some days doing insanity after a swim/bike/run. I kind of felt defeated and tired this weekend. I kept looking in the mirror like DAMN so I focused on my pants – they aren’t tighter. Still in the 28’s with room to spare, so no you aren’t gaining weight you just feel blah. I am at a plateau! I kind of stopped this past week with my toning and changes in my body, so I got ticked. EASY TO DO, RIGHT? We have all been there! Pissed! Why can’t I see the changes!! Aghhhh!  LOL There is nothing wrong with feelings this frustration and it is very normal to want to give up, but don’t!!!

So I said you know what I have been working out like a crazy person. I am going to take this week down a few notches. Light swims, light rides, and light runs and IF I do an insanity workout it will be a recovery week one! I will also go ahead and do a carb up day, which will be Saturday because that’s Becks birthday party – teenage mutant ninja turtle themed!! He will be 4 on April 15th (tax day – which is very funny since Russell does taxes and well as investments) 

Sometimes you need a recovery week – to let your metabolism get a restart, let your body rest, muscles build and just regroup all together. Will I carb up every day?? NOOOO! Just Saturday! Am I still exercising?? YES, just a little lighter than normal!! Will I keep a check on my calories and eating as clean/healthy as possible? YES!! 

We all have these plateaus on the way to a fit and healthy body! We just have to take a break then go back in it with full force, working even harder the next week than you have in your entire life!!

Don’t get down! Fix the problem and keep working hard to get that body you want!


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