Mirror, Mirror on the wall why must you be a little deceptive bitch??

This morning as I was getting out of the shower I caught myself in the mirror and thought dang you look so bloated today, what in the hell happened since yesterday afternoon. Before and after my workout yesterday I checked out myself in the mirror (yes, yes I know) and thought man I am getting in shape!! BOOOM this morning I feel like I am 5 months pregnant. What changed from yesterday? A LOT of things can do that! Did I drink a carbonated beverage? Well, I did have a treat yesterday (1/2 a can coke). How was my eating yesterday? Did I eat too much sugar or milk? I think about all things – even using the bathroom (TMI – I KNOW) ALL of these things play a huge role in why I feel and look bigger today than yesterday! Some days I will just be bloated and blah. It is just part of it! I have to talk myself up and not let myself get down because I look a little fatter than yesterday! Even if I am a little bloated I still can see the changes that are taking place. My arms, legs, and top of my belly are looking more tone, etc.. So focus on these things when you have those bloated days.

A lot of it is the distance from the mirror. I believe the key is to keep your distance when looking in the mirror. You are a creation just like a painting. God created you like I create my artworks. Number 1 rule when observing art is to step away. When you are so close to the artwork you can’t see it properly, you aren’t getting the entire picture. SO same thing with our bodies. When I am so close to the mirror I can see all the little flaws and I can’t get the whole picture of what my body looks like. When I step back and look at myself from a distance I can actually see the entire picture. Yesterday when I was looking in the mirror I was way back from it and could look at my entire  body as a whole not just one part so I could see that my body is looking better.

Don’t let that little bitch mirror tell you otherwise, sometimes she is a deceptive little thing. If you are eating healthy and exercising then you are doing your best and it is coming off…even if it is taking a little longer than you hoped! Keep up the hard work and tell her to Screw Off because you know you are on your way to a better body! Have confidence and KNOW you are doing ALL that you can!



5 thoughts on “MIRROR, MIRROR ON THE WALL……

  1. Little things can make a big difference. For example, some beers are low carb, yet that doesn’t stop my body from bloating if I have them. I don’t know if its water retention, but it probably has something to do with grains. The mirror and the scale can be an evil tandem. 🙂

    • True!! That what I always tell my mom. She used to say well I only had 1,500 calories (what were those 1,500 calories – a slice of pizza, a candy bar, a coke) You can stay under the calories but still be eating crap!
      NO KIDDING! You have to watch those little buggers! You could be having a great day, then bam they depressed you in less than 1 minute!

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