GREAT Lunch Idea!

This week I had such a yummy lunch that was soooooo EASY!! I tried taking a photo but my phone is acting insane right now.

Anyways, this is what I did! Monday morning before I left for work I put two-minute steaks (1 for Monday and 1 for Tuesday) on my George Foreman Grill with salt/pepper and a little Worcestershire. Then I wrapped them up to go! At work I cooked the 90 second brown rice, then I microwaved a steam bag of edamame or green peas, and heated my minute steak. I put them all in a Tupperware container together with a little soy sauce! SUPER YUMMY!!! and I had so much that I ate it the next day as well! So I cook it all once and had enough for two lunches! It has a good mix of protein, carbs, and veggies! It’s almost like a fried rice! Try it out if you are craving something new and different for your lunch! pretty cheap as well! I have eaten it for 4 days now. I bought a 4 pack of minute steaks (around $5) 90 second rice 1/2 a package a day so 2 packages (around $3) 2 steam bags (edamame and green peas)- (around $4) – so lunch for 4 days cost me around $12/13 dollars! Healthy and yummy!! Much better than a crap frozen entrée for sure!!

I will try to add a picture once my phone gets back to normal!


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