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CHOICES are what makes our lives what they are! I can choose to be happy, sad, mad. I can choose to be healthy or unhealthy. I can choose to do good things for people or be selfish. I can choose to be helpful or not. I can choose to work hard or be lazy. ALL of these choices make my life what it is! My life will be sad, lonely, and depressing IF I make the choice for it to be! Fight yourself from being lazy make list and say okay today I want to accomplish this and I WILL accomplish this! Start making little changes in your life.  

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Decide what your goal is and then stop whining about wanting it…put your mind to it and GO BE/DO IT!!

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While trying to make the right choice OR reaching a goal repeat to yourself this mantra! When you are finished you can say I KNEW I could! You may not have any support behind you but all you need is yourself to reach a goal! Make up your mind and be your own support system! Just get your mind prepared and ready to kill that goal!

da mo 260 Daily motivation (25 photos)

NO EXCUSES! THIS GUY MADE UP HIS MIND AND HE DID IT WITH HARD WORK! He doesn’t let what life handed him become an excuse! He made his choice and set his goals! He met those goals with a lot of hard work! Mentally and physically he is strong! He made up his mind and did it! He chose to be happy, healthy, and an inspiration! He made the RIGHT choice! 

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Your mind will tell you that you can’t when you actually can! YOU have to make your mind up that you CAN do whatever you want to do!! YOU HAVE THE CHOICE! YOU CHOOSE to be happy, to be a good person, to eat healthy, to exercise, to say or do certain things – Your choices affect your life! Choose to set goals and blow them out of the water. Don’t say I CAN’T – say I CAN!! You can do anything you put your mind to if you choose to put in the hard work! Set a goal and demolish that goal! THEN set another goal and demolish it! Keep setting goals! Then look back at all that you have accomplished! NO EXCUSES!!


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