da mo 2020 Daily motivation (25 photos)

IS THIS YOU??? (above)


IS THIS YOU???? (below)

da mo 1 Daily motivation (25 photos)

Your workouts have to be hard-core! You can’t go in giving it 20%, 70%. You have got to give it 110%!! Give it your all! IF you can speak easily OR eat ice cream (lol) THEN you aren’t working hard enough! My workouts I can barely talk!! That is when you know you are working your butt off, literally!

Also eating clean and healthy is a must! You can’t run 4 miles and then go eat a Sonic Blast and expect to see results! It just isn’t going to happen! Eating and working out go hand in hand!!

TRAIN HARD and EAT HEALTHY! THAT IS THE KEY! Nothing else will work and keep the weight off like these two things! SURE, liposuction or diet pills work…but not for long! IF you keep sitting on your butt and eat the way you always do..guess what you will be an unhealthy weight again! You need to learn from the get go how to eat right and how to train right! It is no secret pill or food that these people take to be healthy, fit, and toned..its HARD WORK and a HEALTHY DIET!! YOU are worth a fit and healthy body!! GIVE it TO YOURSELF!!!


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