DESSERT SATURDAY: Just because we eat healthy doesn’t mean we can’t have some quick, easy, AND delicious desserts!! Here are 3 desserts that are quick and easy as well as light! 

After supper sometimes (OKAY, OKAY ALLL the time) I crave sweets! So I take a banana, spray some light whip cream (5 calories a serving on there) and then sometimes I sprinkled chopped nuts on there, sometimes I drizzle caramel sauce..really whatever I have in the pantry…just make sure if you use the regular kind of anything you top it with that you watch how much goes on there!! It is SOOO delicous, pretty healthy and easy to make! 

Banana topped with whip cream and caramel

Banana topped with whip cream and caramel









Sometimes during the week or on the weekend I will make these light cupcakes! I use a Pillsbury Funfetti cake mix and mix it with 12 ounces of sprite zero..that’s it! Pour into cupcake liners and bake for 20-25 mins at 350 degrees. Let them cool and top with light whip cream and sprinkles. I have tried recipes with mixing pudding mix in the whip cream, etc.. and we just don’t like it! SOO we stick to just plain whip cream on top! Sure, I can tell it isn’t a REAL cupcakes BUT hey it’s good and light perfect for the weekday! I have done strawberry cake mix (Russell isn’t a fan of strawberry but I liked it..I think they would be really good if you split the cupcake in half, put some slices of strawberry, then topped with whip cream…yum!!) I use the whip cream in a tub for these because it holds up better!! I also have put these in Tupperware in the refrigerator and eaten the next day..they are still good! Around 100 calories (or a little less) a cupcakes for the normal size cupcakes. I always do a mixture of the mini cupcakes and the regular size cupcakes! It seems like I can get 24 mini cupcakes and then around 6 or so big cupcakes from 1 batch. 


Cupcakes – great for a week night treat when you are trying to be healthy but really want a dessert!















Lastly another quick and yummy dessert! I use the mini fillo shells and I put different fillings in them and top with light whip cream! I use fruit sometimes, flavored yogurt, pudding, etc..!  My favorite is to get the low calorie chocolate pudding (already made to make it even easier) drop a spoonful in the shell and finish with a little whip cream! I also LOVE putting fruit in them and topping with whip cream as well! Don’t make these to far in advance, they will get soggy! I don’t mind the soggy though! Even just sitting for 10 mins they can start to get soft. If you want the shell crunchy make and eat right after! The shells have 15 calories per shell, 5 calories for a squirt of whip cream and then  around 8 calories or a little less for the scoop of pudding in there. So estimation around 28-30 calories per fillo shell. (this just depends on how many calories per ingredient you get and how much you put on there) I typically eat 4 or 5 – so for the those 4 or 5 I am around 112-150 for dessert! EVEN better if I make them with fruit, less calories and better for you!!!

Whip Cream Chocolate Pudding and  . The others are fruit, whip cream, and phyllo cups.

Whip Cream Chocolate Pudding and fillo shells. The others are fruit, whip cream, and of course the shells.





Happy Saturday Y’all!! Make some of these light desserts and enjoy this beautiful day you have been given!!! 



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