Be Realistic!

da mo 52 Daily motivation (25 photos)

Be realistic when setting your goals! Set a big goal but also set little goals on the way to the bigger goal. Be proud when you lose even 1 pound! ONE pound is better than ZERO pounds!! Stay focused on your goals and make those goals realistic ones! Don’t expect is to be easy and know it is a lot of hard work!

When the scale isn’t budging step up your workout…work harder, longer ANNNDDD watch what you are eating more. Above all look at things beside your weight! You might be changing  physically even though the scale might not show it! Screw the scale! He is just an asshole that screws up my perfectly good day and workout! I will be having a fabulous day and just worked out like a mad man so I am feeling great but then I step on the scale and I want to reach down on the floor grab it and chunk that little f*&%er into the side of the gym wall. LOL! SO STOP obsessing over your weight and what the scale says. You are letting the scale run your life! You are letting it determine your happiness! Screw that scale! My jeans are my scale and they are much nicer about telling me I gained a pound! I only get on the scale maybe 1/2 times a month at the gym just to keep that 5 pound check in. NEVER go over the 5 to 10 pound gain! GET IT OFF AS SOON AS YOU NOTICE you might be a few pounds over what you normally are! STOP the weight gain right then before it becomes out of control and you are stepping on the scale to see that you need to lose 50 pounds!

Good luck and know it is a hard road ahead of you but it is sooo worth it!! I am never going back and hopefully you never will either!! May the force be with you! 


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