MOTIVATION!! Happy Hump Day!

a148 Daily motivation (25 photos)


I can’t force you to be happy, be healthy, or be fit! BUT I can help motivate you so that you WANT to be these things!  Once you want these then you will be strong and commit to a new life that is waiting for you! YOU just have to be ready! THIS IS ALL YOU!!! YOU have to commit!! Nobody did it for the girl above! SHE DID IT HERSELF! She made herself get up everyday with a smile. She made herself hit the gym and eat healthy…NOBODY DID THAT FOR HER!! Look at how amazing she looks!!! LIKE A DIFFERENT PERSON! That is because she is somewhat different! When people start working out, they get endorphins so they are already happier. Then they start toning up and losing a few pounds so they get even happier because they feel better about themselves and they are more confident! You are a new person when you lose weight! Start CAN do this! YOU just have to be ready and be committed! STOP waiting for tomorrow or next week or next month! You are just adding pound after pound and it is just making it harder and harder!! TODAY IS THE DAY to start your new life with your new attitude!!!

Good Luck in this long journey into a new healthy lifestyle! Once you stick with it I promise you won’t want to turn back!!

thank berry for the images!


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