I AM trying MY BEST!!

da mo 715 Daily motivation (25 photos)

I may not be THE BEST at running, cycling, swimming, etc… BUT I am TRYING MY BEST! I get better and better because when I go in, I GO ALL IN!! One week my workout I may can only do 10 push-ups, but the next week I will make sure I at least do 11, and the next 12! I keep pushing and pushing so that I get better and better! HEY, I JUST MAY even end up THE BEST if I keep up what I am doing! When I first started running I was soooo slow probably around a 14 min mile…now depending on how far I run I can run a mile in 10:17! I’m getting better and better…I STILL may not be THE BEST! BUT I am MY BEST and THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS!! A mile is a mile no matter what my time! The effort is there and I AM DOING MY BEST!!! 


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