Well I decided if I can do a half-marathon then I can do a sprint triathlon. So here goes nothing! When we were in Oxford a couple of weeks ago I visited Oxford Bike Shop (great place! SUPER NICE and HELPFUL) and bought my first specialist bike! It is a straight handle bar with normal pedals no clip ins for me and a little larger of a tire than typical cycling bikes. I figured the tire can get smaller the more comfortable I feel. The man asked me if I wanted to try it out and of course I did! He looked down and asked “You are going to ride in those boots?” Russell looked down and noticed I had my big riding boots on….”RIVERSSSSS WHY would you wear those to look at a bike??” “HAHA because they are super cute and comfy and IF I can ride my bike in these then of course I can ride with tennis shoes! If anything I will know if I like riding it in boots then I will really like it in tennis shoes! Hold my purse Russ.” So I rode it less than a block and it was exhilarating, Russell just laughed and laughed. Three big burly college guys passed by and stopped and started laughing at us…I don’t know if it was Russell holding my gold handbag or me riding a road bike in the outfit I had on! I test drove the black bike and love the ride but HATED the color. Don’t you have anything in Pink? ha  The man looked at me like I had lost my mind, lol. He said Don’t you want black? You want to be intimidating! UMMMM PLEASE, I WILL NEVER look intimidating when it comes to a race…if anything I resemble a terrified little turtle. So, I said let’s see what colors you can get me, white it was!  It finally came in last week so the boys and I loaded up and headed to Oxford to get my new ride. The man starts telling me about gears and crap and all I can think is what in the hell did I just get myself into?? The next day I decided NOW or NEVER to test ride the bike. The wording he used scared the crap out of me, but wait once I got on it and got going DUHHHH!! The gears are soooo SIMPLE! What was I so nervous about? The whole cycling world is so intimidating and scary that I let it almost talk me out of getting a bike!

I took my bike on its first long ride of 45 minutes the other day! It glides across the pavement with ease and is such a joy to ride with the nice spring weather moving in! I am still leery and I believe I will always be since Russell got a pretty good lick by a car. I think I will stick to my side roads and airport road. I decided I should name her and yes I am that type of person who names a bike. I will name her Towanda! (from Fried Green Tomatoes, ONE of my ALL TIME FAVS! Fannie Flagg is my woman. I have been in awe of her since 6th grade!) Towanda is used in Fried Green Tomatoes by Idgie Threadgood and some of the others use it as well. The term means something extreme or crazy is about to happen! It’s almost like an alter ego – Towanda is a courageous women who does what she wants and doesn’t think twice about it…so you better watch out!  Plus Idgie is my homegirl..if we could be besties my life would be complete! Towanda is the appropriate name for my youngster bike! 

So I am super stoked about the Memphis in May sprint triathlon that is coming up in 8 weeks! Got my bike, already been running and swimming some. I just started my training this week and can say that I love switching it up and not just running! The swimming has been so much fun and a different kind of working out! Feels good to be back in the water. If you haven’t hit the pool yet, try it out! IT IS A FULL BODY WORKOUT FOR SURE! I love the quite of the pool, the water, the beat of my arms and breath – I am at peace. All is okay. I am calm and have no worries when I feel the cool against my body. I feel natural in the water and this by far is one of my favorite workouts. I believe it all goes back to childhood. My mom threw me in the pool and had me swimming with floaties at 9 months. I was going off the diving board with no floaties at a very young age. I LIVED in the water. I grew up with my grandparents owning a pool and then my dad built one behind our house later on as well. I remember my brother and I jumping in and swimming before school. The pool has been and will always feel like home to me. 

So off to this new and exciting time in my life! 2014 is a great year for me in general but exercise wise it has been a crazy year already! I have run my first half marathon (February) and will have competed in my first sprint triathlon (May)! NEVER SAY NEVER! 

TOWANDA!!!!! My NEW bike!

TOWANDA!!!!! My NEW bike!

Taking her out for her first long spin!! She enjoyed it! ha

Taking her out for her first long spin!! She enjoyed it! ha



  1. Perfect name for my absolutely wonderful daughter’s bicycle !! Just finished Fannie Flagg’s new book-The All-Girl Filling Station Last Reunion. I thought of you because I know you Love Fannie Flagg books!!! Roll on TOWANDA!!

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