Well, doesn’t that just look delicious!!

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SEE, Eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring!! Spice it up!!

I don’t eat to LIVE as some people say! I want to ENJOY my food! I love food! It brings so much warmth to me! Nobody said my food had to be bad!! Why do I have to eat just lettuce and meat? Why can’t I have  lettuce, meat, a little fruit and a few croutons if I want it? I believe that life is too short to live unhappy! Not eating good food means I would die unhappy, ha! I exercise so that I can eat a big healthy salad and not feel guilty for the 1/4 a cup of  feta cheese on top! I am all about healthy AND YUMMY! It doesn’t have to taste like cardboard to be healthy! Now I do a few things that I dislike just to stay fit and healthy, like I ate cottage cheese, stevia, and strawberries yesterday morning, the entire time wanting to puke – I HATE cottage cheese! BLAH. SO not every time I eat do I absolutely love it, but those are usually just 1 time a day type stuff. The rest of the time I can 100 percent say I LOVE eating healthy because I keep it spiced up! 

I use to eat lean cuisines, wheat thins, and crap like that! THINKING I was eating healthy! NO I WASN’T!!! Lean cuisines sure have a small amount of calories but the are not “HEALTHY” plus they don’t taste that good. Why don’t I just eat  wheat bread, turkey, lettuce, tomato, and mustard sandwich with some fruit on the side? UMMM way yummier and actually “HEALTHY”  Now my snacks are not wheat thins and laughing cow cheese anymore, they are protein shakes, smoothies, fruit, veggies, small salads – TOTALLY DIFFERENT from what I thought “Healthy” was! YES, wheat thins were healthier than the Doritos I was eating, but still not what I should be eating everyday! SO keep that in mind when you are making your grocery list for the week, IS IT REALLY HEALTHY?


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