SORRY I CAN’T…….I HAVE to go the gym!

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Living a healthy lifestyle is hard because some people just don’t get it. The exercise and healthy foods become important and really we fit them into our lives. Working out is like going to work, cooking supper, sleeping…its just a part of my daily routine. So I may skip a friendly get together or show up a tad late because I HAVE to go workout!

It’s not a lame excuse! It is something that has to be done for me. I am happier and feel better about myself when I have gone. I had a girl say one time that I skipped out on dinner to go exercise and laughed. IT is true, I DID! BUT I hadn’t gotten to exercise all week, I had already paid for the class and I WANTED to go. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME WANTING TO TAKE TIME FOR MYSELF??? WHY can’t she join me for the class and then we grab dinner?? OR just join me for the class and that is where we can catch up. I get AN HOUR to exercise and be in LaLa Land for a while. I get an hour to feel better about myself. WHY SHOULD I DENY MYSELF THAT?? I  said working out is good for so many reasons. I feel sexier and better about myself, so my confidence is higher because I get endorphin’s from the exercise. My body craves that release of stress and I feel so much better once it is done. I look better and feel better so my relationships with EVERYONE around me are better. WHY SHOULD I FEEL GUILTY FOR MAKING MYSELF A PRIORITY, IN A GOOD WAY??? 

I use to feel bad for leaving the boys for an hour to workout but now I don’t! That is ME time! That is time when I can concentrate on Rivers and MY needs! SO NO, I don’t feel guilty! AND from now on I will just say “SORRY, I CAN’T. I HAVE TO GO  TO THE GYM”. If they get it GREAT if they don’t GREAT. They may or may not understand but I know what I need to make myself feel better and be better!! 

Don’t feel guilty and don’t be upset when some people just don’t understand. Just know that you know what you need to make yourself better and do it!


One thought on “SORRY I CAN’T…….I HAVE to go the gym!

  1. I agree, it has to become routine, or we’ll make excuses not to go. I am still at the point that I have to psyche myself up to go, but once I’m there, I’m happy that I went.

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