Stop putting off the new life you want or the new goal you want to achieve for tomorrow or next week. START NOW!!

STOP saying “I wish…” and say “I WILL or I AM”

Your goal can’t be reached if you keep putting off for another day! 1 week, 6 months, or 1 year from now you will have wished you had already started and been on your way to that goal. If you keep putting it off it will slowly turn into 2 or 4 years! Time passes quickly, stop EXISTING and START LIVING! Some of you are waiting, just sitting there wasting your life praying you will lose weight or eat healthy….when will you start living your life and take it back! When will you be in control again?

If your goal is to get a new job, meditate more, be more joyful, lose weight, run a 10k, WHATEVER it is GET UP AND GO TRY FOR IT! Your body isn’t getting any younger! NOW IS THE TIME!!! There is no “PERFECT” time!!! THIS IS THE TIME!! NOW!!! Stop whining, complaining, and giving excuses!! We all can make up excuses…the ones who surpass their goals are the ones who cut the bull shit excuses and whining out!  Don’t be scared!! That scared feeling is good!! That feeling is telling you that you are about to embark on a new adventure! Something you haven’t done in a long time or EVER tried. You are making yourself better!! You are achieving something GREAT!!

Our time is here is limited and so we must fulfill it with all that we want to do! We must create and make these goals to maximize our life. When we accomplish things in our life and meet those goals they all started with a decision to TRY and that scared feeling of something new will eventually go away. We push the feeling of  being scared away and make our way to that goal.  I succeed in my life because I make goals FOR EVERYTHING and I accomplish most of them! I may not accomplish every one of those goals, but I at least try! TRYING is better than sitting on the sidelines not attempting to try!

Don’t be a bench warmer get up and play the game! Don’t just watch and wish! Get up and do!!! ATTEMPT!! TRY to be better and do better!!! No matter what your past is like or what you are now…you can change and be better! You CAN DO BETTER!!! You just have to start NOW!!! TODAY!! AT THIS VERY MOMENT!!! Make a new life for yourself!!


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