Want my advice for a Healthy, Joyful life???? 19 things you should do

Want to live a good healthy, joyful life??? Well do these things!

1. Get a good amount of sleep (if you can, kids make this hard, let the dishes sit in the sink, sleep is more important)

2. Eat clean and as healthy as possible.

3. Take your vitamins (before bed is when I take mine)

4. Hydrate your body with LOTS of WATER and LOTION/oil up your body for healthy skin

5. Limit caffeine intake (I only have 1 cup of coffee a day and maybe a tea in the afternoon)

6. EXERCISE!!! ANYTHING is better than NOTHING

7. Read your devotional, say a prayer, or meditate

8. Stop worrying and stressing over the things you can not change, let them be.

9. SMILE & LAUGH! Make yourself if you have to!

10. Be kind & friendly to others

11. Don’t hate or judge others! You don’t know what they are going through at that moment or have been through.

12. BE THANKFUL! FOR EVERYTHING! Your body, your family, friends, home, job, pets, food – the basics in life!

13. Treat yourself every once in a while or pamper yourself.

14. Slow down and enjoy your life before it ends in the blink of an eye. You WILL turn around one day and say “WHERE DID THE TIME GO?” LIFE IS SHORT  so LIVE IT TO THE FULLEST!

15. Be less selfish and give to others! Give up the new outfit your were going to buy and spread the joy to a random guy on the street or buy your friend a little “happy” instead just cause!

16. Don’t be embarrassed! BE WHO YOU ARE! 

17. THINK POSITIVE!! No negative thoughts!

18. PAY IT FORWARD! When something GOOD happens to you, PASS THAT ON!!! 

19. ENJOY EVERYTHING!! even the little things!!

thanks cirquedevol for the image!


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