Peppermint Water



Had to give this water a shout out! I am not big into buying bottled water because I’ve got it right from the faucet FREE, YES TOTALLY FREE!! My husband is a volunteer firefighter as well so we get free water…and that’s it but HEY,  I love getting my water free every month!! Sadly when we build our house and move out to our land we will no longer have free water, tear. ANYHOW, I picked this up at the grocery store the other day, thinking hmm wonder if this would be a refresher for in the morning while I am working. I LOVE IT!!! I can’t wait to try the spearment flavored one!! It has just enough peppermint! It leave my mouth fresh and cool feeling, really makes me not want to put anything in mouth …like when you brush your teeth and you don’t want to eat after…that feeling!! I can see it being really good for hot days! Anyways, thought some of you may want to try! It was a little expensive for my taste, but you know what I said I like it free! This will be a “treat” water for me!! It was like $ 1.50 each. OF COURSE, you can always make you own at home, but some days “Ain’t nobody got time for that” thanks BSugar for the best saying ever, lol!


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