”When God comes we will a have a birthday party!!!”

So MOST of the time I write about fitness and health but today I shall write about something I just had to share. Last night as I was putting the children to bed Beckham made the funniest and most true statement I have ever heard. First off let me just start with his obsession with birthday parties. We just had Noah’s birthday and his is right around the corner so he is constantly making Ninja Turtle Birthday cakes and decorating his room for a party. Well, the other day we had Noah’s 1st birthday at the church hall and Beck saw Jesus on the cross and came running up to tell me MOMMA, GOD IS DEAD!! THEY RAN OVER HIM WITH A CAR!! So I take him in there explain that it’s Jesus, God’s son and quick overview of everything. It is very difficult to tell this to a child so most of the time we just teach the basics, God & Jesus love you, etc… Okay, next he associates death with people running you over with a car. Russell got hit by a car when he was cycling a 40 mile loop this summer and Beck associates daddy almost died with the car. SO NOW IF YOU ARE DYING OR DEAD it is because you got hit with a car! Well the talk and seeing Jesus on the cross has been on his mind!! 

So last night before bed he was creating Ninja Turtle sandwiches, Cakes, and Drinks for his Ninja Turtle party. I told him to leave it all there and we would finish the party in the morning. Well we finished up our last book for the evening and he looks at me and says with the biggest grin and excited eyes “When God comes we will have a birthday party, won’t we?!?!” I just looked at him and laughed, YES, YES WE WILL!  He is right, sooooo right!! We will have a big party when he comes!!! MAYBE even a birthday party!! A REBIRTH!! A NEW LIFE!! A life full of goodness, love, and it will be everlasting! We will celebrate and have a joyful time together. 

So maybe my almost 4-year-old is the most intelligent person I know. Maybe he just said it all in one sentence! Those words coming out of his mouth made me think, God was helping me out. I am having a difficult time explaining all of this to him and he ask question after question. He wants to know why Jesus is bleeding, why is he on a cross, why does he have nails in his hands and feet, why does he bleed from his ribs?? He doesn’t understand why someone would hurt another like that…he is very confused and almost thought there for a minute Jesus must be a “bad” guy to get beaten up like that….OH LORD please help me, here…I’m drowning! HA So we have been taking small baby steps up until now about God and Jesus, this kid is on a roll and wants to figure it all out…as Russell said “Hell, I 32 and I am still trying to figure it out” LOL he is right! So for now I shall teach FAITH because faith is the most important thing for him to learn. IF he has faith in the lord then it will all be good!

God was shining through him, telling me it is all okay. He gets it in his own way. So from now on…We are having a birthday party when God comes and you are invited to attend!

Photo Booth time with Momma!

Photo Booth time with Momma!


Russell, Noah, and Me!

Russell, Noah, and Me!

Gage (my nephew) and Beck taking photos!

Gage (my nephew) and Beck taking photos!


2 thoughts on “”When God comes we will a have a birthday party!!!”

  1. Out of the mouths of babes! What a precious conversation that was. If there is a way to save this page, do it. I think that he’d love to read it when he’s older. 🙂

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