Chocolate, chocolate, give me chocolate!!!!

Let’s see……first let’s start off with I ate 3 egg whites and 1/2 an avocado for breakfast at 6:30..@ 9 I ate a 150 calorie oatmeal. I worked out at 10:00 yesterday morning because I was lucky yesterday and Wednesday I will be lucky as well. I don’t get to do this normally!  I did around 1 & 1/2 hours of barre training abs, legs, and arms with cardio in between. I ate a grilled chicken breast with romaine lettuce and balsamic vinegar. While I was waiting for it to cook, I ate 10 baked Doritos, 10 olives, and fruit (starving)!!!  My lunch was later but I had a sweet tooth so I had a small cracker jack snack bag. While we were cooking supper Russ and I split a (key music) COKE! Yes!! I know, I just needed a coke! I don’t know why but had to have it.  For dinner I had a steak salad it was yum and I was full BUT I had this HUGE craving for chocolate! So I start searching…what can satisfy me?? I look and look but can not find for the life of me any damn chocolate!! Damn me for not keeping any at home! I eat semi-sweet morsels trying to curve it, that usually works buuuutttt not tonight! So I’m like a crazed drug addict. I am sweating, panicky and my mouth is watering. I can not think about anything but a chocolate bar the size of Texas!  EVEN better if it had caramel or peanut butter in the center. I finally remember I have chocolate!!! We had to buy 60 bars for Becks class trip! Ding ding ding!!! I go back to his birthday party box (yes I’m giving them as part of the party favors in these cups) look at them, just drooling and my fit angel is telling me nooooooo!!!!! It’s not worth it… You worked so hard today and already had 350-400 calories of 1/2 a coke and crackerjacks plus semi sweet morsels. The chunky angel is telling me otherwise… Just 1 bite, that’s all. I have a mind battle over this chocolate for 5 minutes and finally my fit and healthy angel wins!! I run to the fridge and drink my lemon water, which reminds me of something I learned and thought I would share. Whenever the urge strikes get an orange, peel it and eat it! Citrus smells cut back on wanting to eat! Isn’t that soooo true?!?!? I started thinking, you know that is right. When I peel an orange the citrus smell and taste does help curb my appetite! I sadly was out of oranges last night. 

Now you wonder why my sugar craving was out of this world??? I started thinking okay why am I so insane right now???  I knew that even if I ate the candy bar I was so crazed it wouldn’t help..I would still want more after it. Sometimes I give in and have the candy bar but when I am this insane I just keep fighting as much as possible.  I kept saying okay have the fruit, have the crackerjacks, have a coke, have semi sweet morsels, and etc… Noah’s first birthday was this weekend so I had cake Saturday and Sunday!! Well, today of course was going to be hard, duhhh Rivers! You went sugar crazy this weekend and so your body is craving it, just like a drug! So now I have to break my body off the sugar AGAIN!! It’s so hard! Once you get a lot of  sugar in your system you just crave and crave it! So I drank  my water, got a few frozen mangos and soaked in the tub! Next was bed! I made it!! I did bad by having coke and crackerjacks, etc… Those things just made it worse but I stayed up beat for several reasons: still made my calorie count for the day, I did a good workout so it helped burn some of those sweet calories off,  I didn’t cave and eat the chocolate candy bar, and I won the small battle so today will be a little easier than yesterday and Wednesday will be even easier!!

Please don’t get me wrong, I have sweets and desserts…just not everyday and usually not full on cake!  I believe in treats and indulgences, I should have only had a small few bites on Saturday and been done. Eating a bite Sunday added fuel to the fire!  Sometimes it’s never going to be enough. Today I couldn’t be satisfied! The coke didn’t do it, crackerjacks didn’t, fruit didn’t, semi sweet morsels didn’t…because some days nothing you eat is going to fix that craving if it’s a full on sugar attack! It just feeds it for the moment and then you want more! So once you realize what’s happening stop eating sugar it’s not getting rid of the craving, it just keeps coming back. Fight the battle that day so that the next will be easier and the next is even easier!

Good luck to my sweet craving peeps out there! Fight the battle and realize its worth the effort…at the end of the night when you go to bed you will feel proud and not guilty! 


One thought on “Chocolate, chocolate, give me chocolate!!!!

  1. Sugar cravings are deadly! lol If the phrase “you can’t just have one” applies to anything, it’s something with sugar in it. I didn’t know that about orange peels! I’ll be certain to keep a few around my house.

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