1st love yourself at any size, 2nd is to actually change, 3rd any progress is better than zero progress

da mo 1922 Daily motivation (25 photos)

FIRST: LOVE YOUR BODY, no matter the size/weight! It is YOUR body & it does great things for you! Deep down in there is the body you have always wanted you just have to commit and change it!

da mo 2124 Daily motivation (25 photos)

TWO: Change isn’t going to happen to your health, body, and overall condition if you half ass change. You really have to commit and be ready to make a new life yourself!

da mo 624 Daily motivation (25 photos)

Three: DON’T HATE! You may only lose 1/2 pound in a week or 2 weeks. Progress is progress, no matter what! Be PROUD that you made a change and it is coming off, even if it is slower than what you want.  It may not even show on the scale, it may only show in the way your wear your pants or the size. Muscle weighs more than fat, so you may be losing body fat and gaining muscle.

da mo 115 Daily motivation (25 photos)

FOUR: CHALLENGE YOURSELF. Staying at the same pace, the same routine, etc… works the same muscles…your body gets use to it so switch it up and try new workouts and paces all the time.

da mo 920 Daily motivation (25 photos)

FIVE: Don’t be scared to lift a little weights. I don’t start lifting or toning until I get a few pounds off first! I always help people by saying CARDIO first! Once we get some weight off, then we start toning up! I always say to lose weight because when you are building the muscle up and have a fat layer on top it just makes you look fatter (in my experience). SO once you lose a few pounds start doing some strength training! Keep it light with more reps. I really like Pilates, Barre, and Yoga for my strength training. I do hit the gym sometimes and do the basics of lifting weight to change it up!

da mo 523 Daily motivation (25 photos)

SIX: Eat healthy and as clean as possible to help lose the weight and maintain a healthy body!


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