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da mo 2022 Daily motivation (25 photos)



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IS THIS YOU??? (above)


IS THIS YOU???? (below)

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Your workouts have to be hard-core! You can’t go in giving it 20%, 70%. You have got to give it 110%!! Give it your all! IF you can speak easily OR eat ice cream (lol) THEN you aren’t working hard enough! My workouts I can barely talk!! That is when you know you are working your butt off, literally!

Also eating clean and healthy is a must! You can’t run 4 miles and then go eat a Sonic Blast and expect to see results! It just isn’t going to happen! Eating and working out go hand in hand!!

TRAIN HARD and EAT HEALTHY! THAT IS THE KEY! Nothing else will work and keep the weight off like these two things! SURE, liposuction or diet pills work…but not for long! IF you keep sitting on your butt and eat the way you always do..guess what you will be an unhealthy weight again! You need to learn from the get go how to eat right and how to train right! It is no secret pill or food that these people take to be healthy, fit, and toned..its HARD WORK and a HEALTHY DIET!! YOU are worth a fit and healthy body!! GIVE it TO YOURSELF!!!


DESSERT SATURDAY: Just because we eat healthy doesn’t mean we can’t have some quick, easy, AND delicious desserts!! Here are 3 desserts that are quick and easy as well as light! 

After supper sometimes (OKAY, OKAY ALLL the time) I crave sweets! So I take a banana, spray some light whip cream (5 calories a serving on there) and then sometimes I sprinkled chopped nuts on there, sometimes I drizzle caramel sauce..really whatever I have in the pantry…just make sure if you use the regular kind of anything you top it with that you watch how much goes on there!! It is SOOO delicous, pretty healthy and easy to make! 

Banana topped with whip cream and caramel

Banana topped with whip cream and caramel









Sometimes during the week or on the weekend I will make these light cupcakes! I use a Pillsbury Funfetti cake mix and mix it with 12 ounces of sprite zero..that’s it! Pour into cupcake liners and bake for 20-25 mins at 350 degrees. Let them cool and top with light whip cream and sprinkles. I have tried recipes with mixing pudding mix in the whip cream, etc.. and we just don’t like it! SOO we stick to just plain whip cream on top! Sure, I can tell it isn’t a REAL cupcakes BUT hey it’s good and light perfect for the weekday! I have done strawberry cake mix (Russell isn’t a fan of strawberry but I liked it..I think they would be really good if you split the cupcake in half, put some slices of strawberry, then topped with whip cream…yum!!) I use the whip cream in a tub for these because it holds up better!! I also have put these in Tupperware in the refrigerator and eaten the next day..they are still good! Around 100 calories (or a little less) a cupcakes for the normal size cupcakes. I always do a mixture of the mini cupcakes and the regular size cupcakes! It seems like I can get 24 mini cupcakes and then around 6 or so big cupcakes from 1 batch. 


Cupcakes – great for a week night treat when you are trying to be healthy but really want a dessert!















Lastly another quick and yummy dessert! I use the mini fillo shells and I put different fillings in them and top with light whip cream! I use fruit sometimes, flavored yogurt, pudding, etc..!  My favorite is to get the low calorie chocolate pudding (already made to make it even easier) drop a spoonful in the shell and finish with a little whip cream! I also LOVE putting fruit in them and topping with whip cream as well! Don’t make these to far in advance, they will get soggy! I don’t mind the soggy though! Even just sitting for 10 mins they can start to get soft. If you want the shell crunchy make and eat right after! The shells have 15 calories per shell, 5 calories for a squirt of whip cream and then  around 8 calories or a little less for the scoop of pudding in there. So estimation around 28-30 calories per fillo shell. (this just depends on how many calories per ingredient you get and how much you put on there) I typically eat 4 or 5 – so for the those 4 or 5 I am around 112-150 for dessert! EVEN better if I make them with fruit, less calories and better for you!!!

Whip Cream Chocolate Pudding and  . The others are fruit, whip cream, and phyllo cups.

Whip Cream Chocolate Pudding and fillo shells. The others are fruit, whip cream, and of course the shells.





Happy Saturday Y’all!! Make some of these light desserts and enjoy this beautiful day you have been given!!! 


LIVE YOUR LIFE and get those 80’s movies out of your head!

Have you ever noticed that a lot of times we make things differently than how it really is. I am serious. As little girls, teenagers, and even adults we watch these movies and read these books that fill our heads with how life SHOULD be. We think that our men in our lives don’t love us if they don’t chase after us, grab us and kiss us with passion. We think our guys should stand outside our window playing a guitar or play a love song for us on their boombox. We picture in our head these kisses in the rain with a musical score in the background and then we get all disappointed when all of that doesn’t necessarily happen. We see these movies and think okay my life has to be like that! JUST LIKE THAT! It is in your head how you think your life needs to go and then you get dissapointed when it doesn’t go like that! Your life could be going great but since you have this stuck in your head you think it is going badly! You think…I need to be skinny, pretty, smart, stay at home mom, and he needs to be a fit, handsome, witty, intelligent, financial advisor who makes a lot of money. We will marry and have 2 kids, a boy and a girl. We will live in this perfect house  imagined in your head and life will be perfect every single day! You will wake up singing everyday and just have the best life! 

UMMMMMM WHATTT?!?!?!?!? Okay that is not reality! First off, are we perfect? NO! I have a few sun spots or dry skin, I have a little extra layer fat here and there, I am loud, and I say things before I think! My husband, is he perfect? NO! My kids, are they perfect? NO! So guess what, my life isn’t going to be perfect! Just because Russell isn’t outside my window on his lawn mower professing his love for me doesn’t mean he doesn’t love me (thanks you damn 80’s movies for giving false hope) NO I won’t climb on the back of his lawn mower and we ride off into the sunset…because welllll that is just dumb in real life! NO I am not going to have this perfect body that you see on the movies! I am working really hard to have a better body each day, but it will never be absolutely perfect ….I will get as close as I can though 😉  

You know what life is really like….3:30 baby is crying, 4:30 4-year-old in your bed, Alarm at 5:00 or 6:00 am, COFFEE, milk/breakfast for kids and you, dressed for work and school (absolute chaos) WORK 7:50 to 3:00 or 5:00 for some, meetings, community activities, grueling workout (maybe at 5:00 am, 12:00 pm, 3 pm, 5 pm, or 8:30 pm) make dinner, eat dinner, clean up dinner, homework, baths, bedtime routines where your kids gets up about 3 times before they actually go to sleep and somewhere in between all that there is usually a breakdown of some sorts from one of the kids. Life is crazy and hectic, it is far from perfect. I accept that! I don’t think my life is going to be this fairy-tale movie where I am a size 3, my husband does nothing irritating, my kids behave correctly without asking and I am filthy rich so I have no cares in the world. The thing is I wouldn’t trade my life for a movie life! My life is perfect with all of its un-perfectness. My house is alive, my life is REAL! Life… some days are easy and some days are hard but I am realistic and know what to expect. I am not setting my life up in my head as it should be. I just let my life be! I let it be what it is!  I must say though my life is pretty perfect to me! But I am realistic and I know that my kids will act a fool at some point, I know my husband may make me mad, I know that no matter how much I workout I am still a work in progress.

I enjoy every moment because I tell myself to enjoy it! I wake up and make my mind up that I will be happy! I don’t focus on the negative, I try to focus on the good. I am thankful for my hectic and messy life! I am in control of my life! I have the power to be a happy person or a negative person! I have the power to enjoy my life to the fullest! Stop trying to live in an 80’s movie or ANY movie and LIVE YOUR LIFE!! Your life is PERFECT even with all of the un-perfectness! Set realistic goals for your life! AND don’t plan everything out! IF I planned everything out for example: My husband will be tall, dark, handsome, construction worker and he has to have these certain characteristics…I may could end up missing the love of my life! Don’t get me wrong it is good to know what you want…like a guy who likes kids and so forth BUT as far as saying I want a guy just like Ryan Gosling – you are setting yourself up! You will miss the wonderful guy because you weren’t open to REAL life! That wonderful guy could have been YOUR perfect guy, the one who brings you surprise flowers, makes you breakfast, LOVES you, and hell who even you want to slap at some points, lol!

REAL life is much better than the movie life!! YOU are the one who makes your REAL life awesome! YOU are the one who decides you life and how it will go! Be realistic with what life is! Don’t freak out when life doesn’t go exactly as you planned because those plans of yours aren’t necessarily what God’s plans are…..and we know who has the right plans!




Smothered Pig in a Blanket – Under 200 calories by the Hungry Girl

Okay so I made these Tuesday night! I served with sweet potato fries (recipe a few post back, look under healthy eating). The boys liked them, but next time I make these I will just eat them without the chili – of course the boys will still have chili! I just found that I have been so use to eating pretty clean and healthy this was a bit much for me (not for the boys). Afterwards I ate some fruit and carrots because my body was acting a bit like it was overloaded. This recipe is LIGHT but that doesn’t mean it is healthy! Sodium in just the hot dog was 500 mgs. So I think next time I will skip the chili so I won’t feel quite as blah. It was good and I did feel almost guilty eating it because I couldn’t tell it was a light version of it! I do think this is a good trick if you are dying for a fattening meal but don’t want to blow your calories out of the water!

I used Hebrew National Beef Franks – 100 calories per hot dog. I used shredded cheese because I had that so why not use it, right?!? 

Hungry Girl Smothered Pig in a Blanket (Hungry Girl Cookbook)


1 fat free (or nearly fat free) hot dog
1 serving Pillsbury Reduced Fat Crescent Rolls refrigerated dough
½ slice fat free cheddar cheese (cut slice diagonal so your half is triangle shaped)
¼ cup low fat veggie chili

Preheat oven to 375. Stretch or roll out the triangle shaped dough slightly, to make it a larger triangle. Lay cheese triangle at the base of the dough. Place hot dog at the base and gently roll it up. Place your blanketed pup in a baking pan sprayed lightly with nonstick cooking spray. Bake in the oven for 12-14min, until dough appears slightly browned and crispy. Meanwhile, in the microwave, heat chili. Once your pup is fully cooked, plate it and top it with chili

PER SERVING (entire recipe): 196 calories, 5.25g fat, 950mg sodium, 24g carbs, 2.5g fiber, 5g sugars, 14g protein PointsPlus® value 5*

Hebrew National Beef Franks - 100 calories a dog

Hebrew National Beef Franks – 100 calories a dog

Smothered Pig in a Blanket with Sweet Potato Fries

Smothered Pig in a Blanket with Sweet Potato Fries

Be Realistic!

da mo 52 Daily motivation (25 photos)

Be realistic when setting your goals! Set a big goal but also set little goals on the way to the bigger goal. Be proud when you lose even 1 pound! ONE pound is better than ZERO pounds!! Stay focused on your goals and make those goals realistic ones! Don’t expect is to be easy and know it is a lot of hard work!

When the scale isn’t budging step up your workout…work harder, longer ANNNDDD watch what you are eating more. Above all look at things beside your weight! You might be changing  physically even though the scale might not show it! Screw the scale! He is just an asshole that screws up my perfectly good day and workout! I will be having a fabulous day and just worked out like a mad man so I am feeling great but then I step on the scale and I want to reach down on the floor grab it and chunk that little f*&%er into the side of the gym wall. LOL! SO STOP obsessing over your weight and what the scale says. You are letting the scale run your life! You are letting it determine your happiness! Screw that scale! My jeans are my scale and they are much nicer about telling me I gained a pound! I only get on the scale maybe 1/2 times a month at the gym just to keep that 5 pound check in. NEVER go over the 5 to 10 pound gain! GET IT OFF AS SOON AS YOU NOTICE you might be a few pounds over what you normally are! STOP the weight gain right then before it becomes out of control and you are stepping on the scale to see that you need to lose 50 pounds!

Good luck and know it is a hard road ahead of you but it is sooo worth it!! I am never going back and hopefully you never will either!! May the force be with you! 

MOTIVATION!! Happy Hump Day!

a148 Daily motivation (25 photos)


I can’t force you to be happy, be healthy, or be fit! BUT I can help motivate you so that you WANT to be these things!  Once you want these then you will be strong and commit to a new life that is waiting for you! YOU just have to be ready! THIS IS ALL YOU!!! YOU have to commit!! Nobody did it for the girl above! SHE DID IT HERSELF! She made herself get up everyday with a smile. She made herself hit the gym and eat healthy…NOBODY DID THAT FOR HER!! Look at how amazing she looks!!! LIKE A DIFFERENT PERSON! That is because she is somewhat different! When people start working out, they get endorphins so they are already happier. Then they start toning up and losing a few pounds so they get even happier because they feel better about themselves and they are more confident! You are a new person when you lose weight! Start CAN do this! YOU just have to be ready and be committed! STOP waiting for tomorrow or next week or next month! You are just adding pound after pound and it is just making it harder and harder!! TODAY IS THE DAY to start your new life with your new attitude!!!

Good Luck in this long journey into a new healthy lifestyle! Once you stick with it I promise you won’t want to turn back!!

thank berry for the images!