I can not take the credit….she has done this on her own!

I was talking with one of my friends the other day, she has lost almost 30 pounds now and has went down 4 sizes (that is doing it by 10, 12,14 etc..) YES! She fit in a SIZE 10!!! She really needed the size 11 because the tens were tight BUT it doesn’t matter she got in them and zipped them up!! WOOHOOO!! Now we have 20 more pounds to go and now we will start toning this week! We have focused just on cardio first, to help get the fat layer down before we started building muscle. So now we can start toning, which will help burn calories later on and really tone up and shape her body. She has had her ups and down getting here, gaining a pound or two here and there but I told her in the next 8 weeks we have to hit it HARD!!! So we are about to step it up a notch! MORE clean, less “bars” etc… and WATER, WATER, WATER! Once she gets to her healthy size then we can take a step back and throw a few more bars back in but right now the next 8 weeks she really has to commit! Once she gets to her ideal size she can sneak a piece of pizza on the weekends and it won’t matter as long as she is eating healthy all week. 

I am so proud of her and what she has done. Yes, I have pushed her, encouraged and advised her BUT she is doing this on her own. SHE has to be the one to make the decision to get up everyday and make a change in her life. I CAN’T be the one to lose her weight, she has to do it. I can help her and train her but in the end it is all her! She has to wake up and motivate herself and challenge herself.  She can say its all me that made her fit but it really isn’t. Yes I inspired her and gave her workout and food ideas BUT she is the one to actually pull through and do it. She has the willpower that I can not make her have! I can not accept credit for her body because this is all her! I am not her babysitter that watches her every move. I do not know if she got her physical exercise in and ate right EVERY day, she has to watch over herself some too!

I hate when people try to take credit away from others. Are you the one who actually did it? Are you the one who actually used your body and mind to do whatever it was that was accomplished? IF you weren’t the one to slave away then NO you can’t take the credit. YES, my husband got me into exercising because he exercises BUT he isn’t the one who works out and creates my exercises and makes my food decisions. I MAKE my food choices, I decide to workout, I decide what the workout is. My husband doesn’t try to take credit for what I have done! He smiles sometimes this little smile because he does know that he paid it forward. He got me into working out by proposing to me (nobody wants to be unhealthy on wedding day) and then I told him I wanted to run a 5k so he helped me get ready for that. Seeing him exercising and being fit in return made me want to! Then from there I went. We now share our ideas, food recipes/ideas, and trainings with each other. I cannot and will not take credit for helping others. I am the one who encourages and tells them that THEY CAN DO IT and once they realize THEY CAN DO IT – they no longer need my encouragements, which means they no long need me! I am not here to take the glory, YOU are the one who should receive that glory! YOU are the one who sweated and sucked it up to have the body you have! I just gave you the push you needed. SO don’t ever say, Rivers made me this way or whatever…No, no I didn’t. YOU made yourself that way! I just believed in you and knew that you could do it if you really wanted to!

So to all my peeps out there trying to start out into the healthy world, it is hard. It is a BIG change, but it is a GOOD change. You have never heard of anyone say “I hate my healthy lifestyle” . That is because once you get use to being healthy you don’t hate it, YOU LOVE IT! Change is hard and challenging but once you commit you will be satisfied with the results. 

IF you want to commit but are scared of doing it on your own or if you just need a push everyday I am here. I BELIEVE in you! I KNOW you can do this! I just need you to WANT it as bad as I WANT it for YOU!  Leave me a comment if you want some help and I will connect with you via email or phone to help get you started!


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