Learn to say NO and to trash the Negative Nancy’s in your life!

My life is full! I MEAN full! I work – I teach art to 14 different high schools everyday. I teach 4 schools at a time via interactive video, they can also get college credit for the class if they want to participate. I am an artist as well, I paint, draw, and do ceramics. I have a 4-year-old and a 1-year-old, both boys! I am married to a wonderful husband who is in Finance and is also a Volunteer Fireman. Right now he is studying for the 2nd part of the CFA, so he is gone at night (usually around 7 or 7:30, he comes home at 5:00 to see the boys and eat supper then he is off to study until usually 10:30 or 11:00)studying to pass hopefully! First part down, two more to go! He is also a CFP and has his CPA. He gets home late at night and on top of that he has fire calls at 2:00 a.m. and so forth.  I also belong to a few organizations around town and have my parents, brothers and his family as well. 

I am constantly asked to be here, do this, do that, can you help with this, I need you to do this…..I finally learned just in the past few months to say NO. I am a southern belle, we are taught to say YES to everything! It is impolite to say NO. Well, I decided it’s not impolite, it’s just what has to happen. When the boys get older I can say YES more. I am stretched so thin that I lose my keys or phone 24/7, I forget to throw the Dr. Seuss clothes on the kids for Dr. Seuss week, I forget because my mind has a billion things rushing through it.

I have so much going through it that HAS to be done. NO wait, some of these things don’t HAVE to be done. Sometimes you just have to say no! I give, give, give to the point that Rivers has nothing left. I want to stay young hearted and vibrant, I don’t want to be bitter and old. So I started saying NO. I work in time for myself through exercise and bubble baths at night. I say no when I’m stretched so thin I just can’t take one more thing or I will explode because in the end it doesn’t matter.

YES I want to help and give and do but there is only so much I can do right now. I have a family to care for and that comes first. So I started saying NO when I need to and I started cutting people out of my life (somewhat) who are negative and bring me down. I LOVE my life! I LOVE my job, I LOVE being an artist, I LOVE my family, I LOVE my body, I LOVE my friends – I don’t want people around me that are negative and going to bring me into the low that they are in. Negativity is contagious and I don’t want to catch that! I have a positive outlook and want my friends to be upbeat and positive not unhappy with their life. YOU make your life what it is!! YOU are in control! You can CHOOSE to be HAPPY or SAD! I make the choice to love my life everyday! I AM BLESSED, VERY BLESSED! I am thankful for what the lord has given me and I don’t want to EVER forget how good my life is! I want to look at my kids and be happy not mad that I had them, I want to look at Russell and remember all the reasons I married him, I want to not be mad I am on my way to work everyday! I appreciate all that has been given to me and I KNOW without a doubt I am blessed! I am not perfect, neither is my husband, children, parents, brothers, friends, and so on. Everyday isn’t going to be a walk in the park but I can look at those days and know its all okay! 

LEARN to say NO, so that you don’t lose the happiness in your life and get side tracked by silly things. ALSO, de-clutter your life of people with nasty attitudes! They make life harder and NOBODY needs that! Life is hard enough without the negative Nancy’s around! GO out today and be OPTIMISTIC! Spread your happiness to those around you and be an uplifting person!!!

Russell and beck on the beach!

Russell and beck on the beach!


Beck and Noah supporting the SAINTS!

russ and boys

Ready for church!


6 thoughts on “Learn to say NO and to trash the Negative Nancy’s in your life!

  1. Great, GREAT advice!! 😉 I cannot be around negative people either!! It’s too distracting and way too frustrating!! I’d much rather see the positive side of life! 😉

  2. Being around negative people is exhausting and frustrating. I can get myself worked up if I know that I’m going to be in a meeting with someone who is known to be negative.

    • No kidding! Been around a lot of negative people in the past year and it really makes your life harder! I found myself thinking like them a little and so I decided I needed to step back and step back FAST! ha

  3. That’s very well said rivers!!! We all need to be reminded that we’re not the Only people in the world that have to say no to things!!! It is hard but when youre stretched so thin some things have to be cut out and take time for yourself!! So awesome thanks fOr that! Also negative people are definitely not to be bothered with! They for sure can ruin a good mood or a good time!!! Love reading your posts thanks for taking the time they are so inspirational!!! 🙂

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