“I just want to got the gym, put some headphones on, and zone the *#@% out!” KK

da mo 171 Daily motivation (25 photos)

Working out gives your mind a break from everyday life! It helps to de-stress and get those frustrations out! IF you go to the gym and work out those frustrations it will lead you to a better body! see body below!

da mo 514 Daily motivation (25 photos)

The body above comes from working out but also eating healthy! See below:

da mo 1614 Daily motivation (25 photos)

The body below comes from eating healthy and exercising!

da mo 2315 Daily motivation (25 photos)

A lot of us think WE CAN’T DO IT! We can’t lose weight, we can’t run a half marathon or that we can’t eat healthy! We think negative thoughts, which make us think we can’t do anything…WHEN WE REALLY CAN!!! see below

da mo 811 Daily motivation (25 photos)

WHAT HAVE WE LEARNED HERE?????  A fit and healthy body that is able to do things doesn’t happen in a day, it takes time. It also can happen at any age, after any hard thing that has happened in your life, no matter what you weigh. You just have to have the willpower and say YOU CAN DO THIS! You just have to tell yourself TO BE STRONG, SUCK IT UP OR MAN UP and DO THIS! 

First start with exercising to let go of stressful situations or to create “you” time – start by making exercise enjoyable! From exercising start by eating a little healthier – to perform better in your activities you will need to eat better so the two connect. When you are exercising and eating healthy guess what will come from that – a fit body! Also, determination! You start to feel that you can accomplish anything when you start with little goals and work your way up. I NEVER (do you hear me NEVER) thought I would run a half marathon – EVER! I set my goals from 5k, to 10k, to half marathon and worked my way there! Each time I beat a goal I realized I can do more and my determination help me to reach the next goal.  Start small and work your way there. Once you get there, I PROMISE you will never go back to your old and unhealthy lifestyle!


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