Grab a friend and commit together!!

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Thanks to theberry for the image!

Find a friend, loved one, co-worker,  or hell at this point a random stranger at the gym to be your W.O.B. (Workout Buddy)

When you have someone to train with your are more likely to do the workout and give it your all. A lot of times we don’t want to slack when someone else is working their butts off. Also working out with someone gives you some healthy competition. Hell, she is still running, I am going to keep running. She is doing 5 more crunches, then I will do 5 more crunches.

Find you a buddy to be healthy with in general. Talk with your WOB about the food you are eating and your workouts. Be each others go to! Help each other out and push them to the next level! Make dates together. Lunch dates are great with your buddy because they need to eat healthy as well, which will help you not stray. Exercise dates, set a day and time that you can both workout together to help push the other one to the next level.

A lot of times we all need a push to get started in the healthy lifestyle so your WOB can be your push. Once you get use to the lifestyle you can slowly back off of working out together, etc…

Now get out and find your WOB!


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