LOVE your body, NOW!

STOP it! RIGHT NOW! Stop looking down at your gut, stop focusing in the mirror at all of the bad things!

Women are so hard on themselves. We nit pick at every little thing on our body. FOR EXAMPLE:

“Look at that cellulite” ” I have got cankles” “I have got fat arms” “My arms are too long” My arms are too hairy” “My teeth aren’t straight enough” “I hate my face shape” I have a long butt”

Not only do we talk about ourselves likes this but we talk about other women like this.  FOR EXAMPLE:

“She has the weirdest eyebrows” She has the most strange body shape” “She has man hands” She has a very large belly, she looks pregnant”

We hate and hate and hate on ourselves and each other. WE ARE NEVER GOING TO BE PERFECT, NONE OF US!! Stop focusing on the bad things, we all have them, and focus on the good! Focus on your pretty eye color, your big booty, beautiful hair, long nails, flat stomach, toned legs, long/lean arms. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” You may think she has the ugliest face ever were someone else finds her very attractive. She might have a large nose but has the most beautiful eye color and hair ever. We all can’t be Barbies, there will always be something wrong with everyone. 

Instead of standing in front of the mirror today hating yourself, look in the mirror and decide to LOVE yourself. Your body is able to do so many good things! Some things that others can’t do and wish they could do. Your body is amazing and has done a lot in its lifetime. So appreciate it and love it. Don’t hate it and bash it. AND stop hating and bashing on other women. You don’t know what that woman has been through…rough divorce, death of a loved one, an illness, depression – hell the women you are calling “fat” might have just lost 80 pounds and is still working to lose more. When you hate on her you are just making it harder for her. She doesn’t need anything else to add to the negative list. So before you start to hate, stop and remember to love. Love yourself and others and realize that no one is perfect.


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