So you want the EASY option….don’t we all????

Man, I hear this ALL the time!

I’m just going to go to the “fat” doctor and get some pills! I just can’t seem to lose the weight!

Ladies, I KNOW how it is! Getting pills is the EASIEST way to lose the weight BUT it also puts you at risk for a lot of other problems! Everyone I know never learns how to actually eat and control themselves when they take diet pills. The diet pills just make them not get hungry so they don’t eat as much …(BTW -drink water all day that will make you less hungry)…well what happens when you don’t eat as much…OH YEAH, YOU LOSE WEIGHT! HMMMM…..something to think about! So basically the pill makes me cut down on my calories that enter my body???? YES! It also speeds up your heart rate and metabolism, thanks to a lot of caffeine that is in there. So you are all hopped up and having trouble sleeping aren’t you? You just go and go and go but then crash. You are having mood swings from hell…YEAH, WE ALL NOTICED HOW BITCHY YOU HAVE BEEN! ha….. Awe, thanks diet pills for making me a cranky bitch so nobody wants to hang out with me! OOHHHH and everyone I have known has gained back the weight plus 10 pounds or more after they get off the pills. 

Diet pills are a temporary fix. I have taken a few in college and they made me a lunatic. Took them twice, yep only 2 times and decide screw this shit. NOW, I simply stay clear because I hated the feeling of being all hopped up, but I also know how bad it is for your heart and seeing as I have a little leak in my valve and a slow resting heart rate of anywhere from 35 to 45 I don’t take anything that might make my heart even more nuts. PLUS I KNOW that if I eat right and exercise what will happen and come from that!

Diet pills are the EASY option. WE ALL want the easy option. But what usually comes when something is easy???? Nothing good, let me tell you!   Just eat healthy and start making exercise apart of your lifestyle. I PROMISE if you stay under 1,500 calories and make those calories healthy and add some cardio into your life then in a month you should notice a difference. Depending on your size you could lose just a little like 2 pounds or a lot like 15. Losing a pound in a month is like HELL YEAH FOR ME!

Now if you are eating truly healthy and staying under 1,500 calories with exercise and still aren’t losing weight head to the doctor to run some test. If you are low on energy, hair falling out, brittle nails & hair, dry skin, a lot of cysts, mood swings, hard to control appetite, heavy periods, nausea, headaches  GO TO THE DOCTOR  – When you connect weight gain with some of these things there is usually something wrong like thyroid, PCOS, and so forth. There could be a reason you aren’t losing weight or losing it easily. Once you get on the medications to correct it, eat healthy and exercise then the weight should start to fall off.

If you are saying I am exercising and eat healthy and I still can’t lose the weight. FIRST OFF what type of exercise?? Cardio is what burns the fat, so you want to always get cardio in (anything to raise your heart rate above resting) Just yoga isn’t going to make me lose weight! I combine my cardio with yoga or Pilates so that I get that high calorie burn but also have my toning and stretching. NEXT are you OVEREATING?? Yes, you may be eating good but what are your portions like? The best way to keep up is a food journal!

NOW, sometimes we all get stuck at a standstill when losing weight. It just happens! We all hit a plateau sometimes. When you hit the plateau that means you got to change it up! REALLY watch your calories and eat clean. ALSO, step it up a notch on your exercise and switch it up with something new! THE harder I workout the faster I get to getting the body I want!!


One thought on “So you want the EASY option….don’t we all????

  1. This is very motivating! Like you, I enjoy combining high intensity cardio with power yoga/yoga to get the best of both worlds. You get the calorie burn plus the stretching and tone!! Great post!!

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