Don’t be fooled…read the packages and COMPARE!

A lot of times we go to the grocery store and think because it is in the organic or “healthy” foods section then it is the best option. THIS IS NOT ALWAYS THE CASE! I compared The Ancient Quinoa Harvest Pasta Noodles with the Smart Taste Pasta Noodles. I THOUGHT the Quinoa would be better for me – for a few reasons…gluten free, no cholesterol, low-fat, and very low sodium (as it says on the box) BUT I also thought it would have more fiber, less sugar, and more protein than Smart Taste. Yup, I was WRONG! Don’t be fooled, always check and compare the labels to each other. If one item has a lot more protein but may have 40 more calories than I go for more protein with a few extra calories. I just look at the labels and see which one is the best choice.

Both serving sizes are 2 oz.


Calories:                      180                                                                           205

Fiber:                              5g                                                                                 4g

Total Carbs                   39g                                                                             46g

Total Fat                        0.5g                                                                            1g

Protein                           6g                                                                                 4g          

Sodium                           15mg                                                                          4mg

Sugar                                1 gram                                                                      less than 1g


I did love the Quinoa pasta but I will stick to my same Smart Taste that I always eat just because I don’t have a sodium problem and the sugar isn’t that big a difference for me. Smart Taste wins in my vote!

So be sure when you hit the store that you compare ingredients so you know that what you are really getting is the best option!



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