Your summer body is right around the corner!

Well bathing suit season is not far away! Whether it’s a one piece or two piece we all want to be down and feel good in our suits. You’ve got 3 months! Don’t wait until mid-April to start trying really hard! TRY NOW! The summer body you want isn’t created in a week it takes months to lose the Christmas holiday pounds and to tone up. It won’t be easy but I promise you if you work your butt off these next 3 months you will look and feel so good when June rolls around!

Everyone always waits until the last-minute to start trying to lose and then get discouraged when they haven’t lost enough by the time they put on a swimsuit. 1 month isn’t going to make you Kelly Ripa. Toning up and losing extra weight takes time, it won’t happen overnight. Eating good and exercising for one week (is GREAT don’t get me wrong) BUT it isn’t going to physically change you that much. You will notice a small difference but it will take several weeks to notice a bigger difference. You also have to be conscience of what you are eating not only during the week but the weekends as well! If you eat healthy all week and then eat whatever on the weekends it is keeping you at a standstill. While you are losing weight you have to eat healthy and exercise ALL the time. Once you get to your ideal body size/weight THEN you can play a little on the weekends and it won’t kill you. Work your ass off now so that when summer rolls around you are happy and confident in your bathing suit and that margarita on the beach each weekend won’t be quite so bad if you worked your butt off during the week! So don’t be mad when summer rolls around and I am waving at you with a margarita in my hand and looking good in my bathing suit….I don’t want to hear under your breath (bitch….she’s young….god just gave her that body—-LOL you know  WE ALL DO IT)! I want YOU to be the one waving with one hand and a margarita in the other  looking good in your suit! AND all you will be thinking is HELL YEAH, I WORKED MY ASS OFF AND I LOOK GOOOOOD!!! All those months of hard work with pay off at that moment!

Remember to eat as clean as possible and exercise as hard as you can to get a good amount of calories burned each day! NOW get up off your ass and get some exercise today! ANY KIND is better than what you are doing now….which is sitting on your butt!


One thought on “Your summer body is right around the corner!

  1. I love this!! You know, it does feel good to look good in your bathing suit and to feel confident and secure!! Great post!! The time is now to work if you’re not happy! 🙂

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