STOP being a Negative Nancy about exercise!

HAPPY VALENTINES Y’ALL!!!! Enjoy your day with your loved ones! You don’t just have to celebrate romantic love! EVERYONE needs to know you heart them! So enjoy the day with your significant other, children, parents, friends, or just whoever! 

OKAY NEGATIVE NANCY, I know you HATE exercise….but WHY??? I have for years HATED exercise. I ask the question to myself and there has been several reasons. I HATE running because my junior high and high school basketball coaches punished us with running. We would run, run, and run in the heat to where I would get sick, literally. I remember losing to a team we should have stomped and Coach played the video and every error he would hit stop and make us run….we ran so much that I hated playing basketball. I associated running as punishment. Well later in life I decided to run a 5k just to prove to myself I could and I wanted a goal. So I did and I just kept at it, the whole time saying I hated running. You know what I soon found…..SMILES! I found myself smiling during some of my runs, not all of them but some of them. I realized hey I kind of like this now. I can say stop and I can say go, nobody is telling me what and when to run. So I went for years, even though I knew deep down that I liked it, saying I hated it. WHY? Because my mind told me I hated it. I had this negativity about it so in my head I still thought I hated it. NOW I have come to terms with this, while prepping for this half marathon I realized I really liked and enjoyed running. YES it is hard and it hurts sometimes so I have to tell my mind to suck it up! BUT now I can say I LOVE TO RUN!! I REALLY DO! I don’t think of it as punishment anymore. I don’t think of running and automatically think of my coach, the gym at my old high school, my blood-red face dripping with sweat and my stomach about to puke anymore. I think about how much my mind is at peace and what a good calorie burn I am getting.

Stop thinking so negatively about  running or working out! Those negative thoughts are making exercise not fun for you. You have to change the way you think about exercise! It isn’t a punishment!! It’s a privilege! Be glad you have legs and arms so that you can do what you like! Others wish they could run but don’t have the legs to do it. 

Also, when you exercise to be skinny you are doing it all for the wrong reason and you will eventually slack on it. Exercise to be HEALTHY and with that you will see a more toned and lean body. Working out comes with all kinds of great benefits! Just try to exercise for 3 to 4 weeks and see the improvements in your life! You don’t have to run there are plenty of activities out there! Just try a lot of them so you find the one you connect with. Maybe its yoga, pilates, barre, walking, swimming, cycling, a spin class, zumba, insanity, p90x, hiking, rollerblading, etc…  Try all types so that you can find what fits you best. I love to switch it up and do all sorts of stuff. That way I don’t get bored and I work different muscles, plus it is exciting trying new and different things!

Change you negative nancy attitude about exercise! You may be like me and saying you hate it but deep down find a love for it! 


2 thoughts on “STOP being a Negative Nancy about exercise!

  1. Okay, so first this is a fabulous post!! When I don’t feel like exercising/feeling down about this or that, I realize that exercise IS a privilege and that I’m so lucky to be able to do what I love (run/swim)! Thank you for this great reminder!! You rock!

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