ALL YOU MOMS OR SOON TO BE MOMS, keep this in mind!

Well, I finally lost my baby weight! Noah is 11 months, didn’t start exercising until May so it’s been 9 months…..the amount of time I should have lost it in. Losing weight, especially baby weight is hard. I only gained 21 lbs when I was pregnant this second time, from what I weighed at the doctors office after baby I had 8 lbs to lose…only 8 pounds but it took me this long to get it off! (the weight is harder to lose the smaller you are) I finally made it back to pre pregnancy weight! Now this time my ribs are larger and my hips, thanks Noah! I haven’t lost any in my boobs still stuck between large boob sizes, the measurement for my midsection is still a 31 (thanks boys, before having both of you I was in the 20’s)  but my hip area has gone down 2 inches (SO THAT IS EXCITING)! 

What is annoying is that people come up to me and say WOW you are so skinny!!! Okay really? What? Was I huge before?  I want to scream…..I JUST had a baby! OF COURSE I look skinnier I have been trying to lose the baby weight, that doesn’t just magically come off once the baby is born. I am not a trainer who works out all day nor am I a celebrity mom that has a cook, a nanny, a trainer, and so on. I can’t drop all the baby weight in a month! I don’t even get to start exercising until 6-8 weeks afterwards, trust me I tried and I paid for it.  I also want to shout I am wearing the same jeans size, etc… I am at the weight I was before I had baby so I was a good healthy size before I got pregnant but I got pregnant and had to lose the weight….ughhhh. I know people are just being nice and I am looking better than before Noah simply because I am toning up more this round. My arms are leaner, legs and abs tighter so I actually do look different than before….BUT it is so annoying when everyone acts like you should just drop the weight immediately! The same thing happened with beck. My body has to recoup from the stress of pregnancy, a c-section, and my hormones, it takes some time for me to get my body back. Plus, gaining 5 lbs looks crazy on me! My sister-in-law and mom talk about me all the time with this. If I lose 5 lbs it looks like have lost 25!   it is the strangest thing! So that confuses people as well. 

I know people’s intentions are good when they tell you …you are so skinny or fit, but I just get annoyed when people think that baby weight should be gone ASAP. It takes time and you moms need to realize that! Yes some comes off quick while those few extra pounds stick and you have to work hard to get it off. I also think moms need to reevaluate themselves. Stop looking at old photos and saying I looked like this at age 20 , I want to look like that again. Is that realistic? Having children number 1 changes your body, ask any woman who has had children. It just does, parts on your body take different shape. No I may not be what I looked like at 20 because at 20 I didn’t have kids, a husband, a real job, slower metabolism, and the overall stress of REAL LIFE. ha  My body is appropriate for my age! I can’t be a size 4, first off its unhealthy for my height, second if I am a size 4 then I am not eating enough or I am exercising all day – I do not have time to exercise ALL day and if I am not eating enough then how do I have energy to wake up get kids ready, go to work, workout, pick up kids (feed/bathe/play) paint and then have time for my husband and 1,000 other things I have to do. I believe in finding  weight that is comfortable for you.

FOR ALL YOU MOMS OUT THERE OR SOON TO BE MOMS LISTEN UP: Be realistic about your goal weight! KNOW it takes time to put the weight on and it takes time to get the weight off! IT WILL COME OFF, but it will just take time. Be patient and kind to yourself along the way. AND when someone tells you how skinny you are just learn from me and take it as a compliment (BECAUSE IT IS). YOU and I both know how long it takes to lose the baby weight, just shrug off the urge to say I JUST HAD A BABY and SMILE graciously and say thank you! Because it does feel good to at least be called skinny no matter what!


5 thoughts on “ALL YOU MOMS OR SOON TO BE MOMS, keep this in mind!

    • I know it is so hard! BUT keep in my you have lost 10!! THAT’S GREAT! and you are losing! I have tons of people around me that have to lose 50 and even 80 from pregnancy! They get discouraged as well but one of them who had 50 to lose has already lost 30 pounds! So know the fight is worth it!! Remember to watch what you eat calorie wise and try to eat as clean as possible, more proteins and veggies/fruits and less carbs! A food diary does wonders!! I know it is hard but grab a notepad a jot down what you are eating! Sometimes we don’t realize until we write it down.
      Good luck and I KNOW you can do it and WILL do it! Not only to look good and feel good for yourself but you will pass being healthy down to your child(ren).
      Keep up the fight! You can do it!!

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