Starving today???? Join the club!

Well today a lot of places, schools, etc… around town are. Closed. We got sleet and snow again last night so we are stuck in the house again today! I don’t know if it’s the cold weather, hormones, or being tired but I am starving today! Yesterday I had to battle as well. Well apparently I am not alone. I got a text from my mom saying she was fighting eating and that she was starving as well! She said she didn’t know if her thyroid meds were off or the irritation from talking on the phone to someone, weather, hormones or what but she is fighting it as well. So what’s my strategy for today???? Well so far I made a smoothie after breakfast to tide me over. At lunch I was craving carbs so I got smart taste pasta just 1/4 of a cup and topped with a tbsp of bruschetta just to satisfy that craving. I ate a wheat bread turkey sandwich with just mustard and had about 10 chips. Soooo then I wanted something sweet, the two boys and I all split one Reese’s egg to take care of that. But it didn’t…. I still wanted something sweet so I ate pineapple and grapefruit. I know people say be careful of fruit, it’s natures candy, but it’s sure as hell better than eating a big candy bar. I always eat as much fruit as I want!

So I’ m adding up my calories saying oh crap I have to make it tonight on very few! So I fixed my bubba mug full of water and told myself I have to drink all of that water by the end if the day. That will help keep me full! Around 3:00 I will fix a small protein shake so I can make it to dinner. Dinner is a steak salad so I should be okay, I just have to stick with it!

I wouldn’t worry as much if I was getting good exercise in today but I am still recovering from my half, my gym is closed today, freezing outside, and I have both boys at home (one who doesn’t take naps anymore and one who is sick and wants to be held) so I highly doubt I get to squeeze something in today! Maybe a coffee this afternoon will give me energy so I can do a little something in the bedroom when Russ gets home from work….barre, yoga, etc…

so if you are one of us just having one of those days were you want to eat EVERYTHING, then drink some hot green tea, eat some fruit, drink water, and even give yourself a little healthy fix on something your craving. Fight on, it’s worth the battle and at the end if the day you can hopefully say you won!

****I am out but I usually keep frozen edamame around to steam and eat as well as frozen mango! Edamame keeps me busy and fills me up and I love frozen mango, the texture and taste help satisfy me!!! on days like today they are great! Give them a try!


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