I caught the virus! SO did I run my FIRST half marathon?!?!?!? WELL OF COURSE!

So as in the previous post I told you Noah caught the stomach bug on Wednesday afternoon, Beck got it Thursday night, Russell had it Friday Morning, and I caught it Friday afternoon! YEP! I ate a grilled cheese for lunch and a small coke trying to wash the nausea away while I kept saying I am not getting this, I AM NOT GETTING THIS! BUT I did! I was quite sick all afternoon and night. I texted the girls and updated them. One of them freaking out because this was her first half as well, while the other was secretly hoping I wouldn’t want to go so she could sleep in! Meanwhile I get a text and a picture of a car with Ice/Snow on it! It started snowing/sleeting around 10 and didn’t stop until the wee hours! Mom kept asking if she should come stay the night so she would be able to keep the boys but I was so sick I couldn’t think. I told her just do whatever and  I told them all I would text around 4:00 am with an update! (OH and in the middle of all this our dryer broke – UMM not going without a dryer with throw up clothes in the house – so Russell set out Friday afternoon (he was still queasy) and bought a new dryer and set it up, poor thing) I woke up to Noah crying at 3:45 tried to soothe him back to sleep and then Russell tried as well – nope having none of it! SO we let him cry it out, he finally went back to sleep. I had talked with my mom and Clarksdale got a good bit and she couldn’t get up her drive (they live down in a valley). SOOO I had no-one to keep the kids! I had already tried the day before and girls were out-of-town and the boys had been sick so I didn’t want to spread to other people with kids, even though I had cloroxed, lysoled and scrubbed my house like crazy! So at 4:00 am Russell and I were sitting in the kitchen discussing our options. We had called everyone without kids and didn’t want people with kids to be exposed and his parents wouldn’t come if we had a bug the day before. There were none! So Russell sucked it up and said you go and I will stay with the kids. AWEEE SWEET SWEET HUBBY – He died a little I am sure not getting to go, but he knew how I had been training and how dedicated I was to try to run with the bug so he let me..plus it was my first one! I quickly got dressed and told the girls to come pick me up! No way was I letting a stomach virus not let me complete this!

The night before the half! This was taken in a dark room that is why my hair looks so dark, ha! NO I didn't dye it brown!

The night before the half! This was taken in a dark room that is why my hair looks so dark, ha! NO I didn’t dye it brown!

*I didn’t want to post the image above because I look HORRIBLE, but I wanted to be real and show everybody just how sick I was before I ran on Saturday, smudge left over mascara and all!! This photo was taken around 8:30 Friday Night.

We headed out around 5:15. On the way I had my first food & drink besides the 2 shortbread cookies I quickly forced down the night before with a phenegren. I ate a wheat bagel thin with a touch a peanut butter and a few sips of Gatorade, that was all I could stomach. We got to Greenville around 6:10 and loaded the bus. We drove to the start point and hung out until race time on the warm bus. It was 30 degrees! We all were back and forth..should we were a sweatshirt and gloves? NO! YES! NO! YES! Finally I said I will suck it up- no sweatshirt, no gloves. I just ended up wearing my running pants, headband, and two dri fit shirts.

Me, Ashley & Lisa right before we started our half marathon!

Me, Ashley & Lisa right before we started our half marathon!

We checked our drop off bags and hit the start line. We started up the inclined bridge and it was quite icy! They had mentioned for us to be extra careful but I didn’t know it was quite that icy. We ran up and over the bridge across the Mississippi River, the bridge run was around 2.5 miles. A little over half the way across the bridge I realized I had forgotten to start my watch! So I started it, though it didn’t matter I was way to sick to even pay attention to pace today. The first 6 miles were easy and fun (as fun and easy as can be with a stomach virus), but then mile 7 started getting bad. I already had no energy and was dehydrated due to throwing up less than 24 hours before. Along the way they had Gatorade, water, gummy bears, & GU Units so at every stop I made myself get a little something. Around mile 7 my stomach started cramping pretty bad, all I could think is oh crap don’t let this stomach virus be taking on a new meaning, ha! Finally it stopped cramping around mile 9, but I threw up in my mouth on mile 9 and 10! Yep gross, gross, gross! I sucked it up and kept running. No way was I going to quit at mile 9 or 10!! Mile 11, 12, and 13 were the hardest 3 miles of my life! My legs were cramping really bad, they were tight and it hurt to move but we all trucked on..knowing we were almost there and all I could picture were the boys faces and that finish line. Not only did I have a stomach virus BUT it was 30 degrees while we were running with snow on the ground so focusing on them definitely help me kick it in to gear.

Ashley trucking it across the Mississippi River Bridge!

Ashley trucking it across the Mississippi River Bridge! You can see the slush and ice on the bridge!

Running up to the Mississippi River!

Running up to the Mississippi River!

Lisa, thinking that this is a breeze..ha!

Lisa, thinking that this is a breeze..ha!






Running up on the bridge!

Running up on the bridge!
















WE DID IT!!!! Beck is there all bundled up! He kept saying how cold it was and he wanted to go!

We finally made it to the end and as I was running up I saw my boys waiting there for me! Little tears came strolling down because all I could think was…. I did it! I could do this and I did do this! The proud feeling I had been so overwhelming and to see  all three of them with big grins made it even better! I blew them kisses and ran in to complete my 13.1 miles! The girls were with me as well. Ashley’s whole family was there as well to show her support. We went into the tent after getting our finisher medal and seeing the families to grab some grub. They had pizza, donuts, beer, different kinds of drinks, hot tamales, rice and much more! They even had massages for the runners, I didn’t have time to get one since the boys were waiting outside in the cold! I ate two pieces of pizza… I guess burning around 1,700 calories and not eating the day before finally caught up with me! I ate and ate and ate without getting sick! Truly an exciting day and one to remember!  We finished in just under 3 hours. Terrible I know! Around a 13 minute mile, BUT for battling a stomach virus and 30 degree weather I didn’t care! Once I found out I had a virus, my goal was to just finish and not even focus on time! I had to just make it! Hopefully my next one I won’t be sick the night before and day of so that I can finish it in around 2 1/2 hours or less, that will be my next goal.

Lastly, I am thanking God. I started saying prayers when Noah got sick but then realized I was going to get it and started saying prayers to help me to hurry up and just get the virus so that I could make it to the race. Then my prayer was to help me just finish it! He did! I couldn’t have done it without him helping me through this! I am actually surprised I didn’t pass out, I had no liquids in my body. Only used the bathroom twice that day, so I was very dehydrated. I know he kept his hand on me to keep me safe and going strong!

So now I am in the recovery phase. I took two epsom salt baths, dranks lots of water and Gaterade, and russell rubbed the back of my legs. Sore? No not really the tops of my legs are a touch sore (I forgot to get him to rub the fronts) and my right knee has a little swelling (in a weird place, think its a ligament or something since it is to the right of the knee, outside and under) other than that I’m great! I am a little depressed its over! BUT it’s now about time to start training for my sprint triathlon, at the end of March I will start. Until then I am resting for the next few days, then light exercise for the rest of the week. Next week I will start hitting the gym and doing some other things, only running once a week for a little while! Will I be doing a half marathon again?? Hell yes! Probably the St. Jude one in Memphis December 2014! So if you are thinking I can’t do that, good for her….well then you thought like I use to think! Change that attitude and commit! Trust me! I did commit and I did do it! AND YOU CAN TO!

Thanks to my friends for running and making the run much easier than it would’ve been without them! BIG thanks to my husband for sitting this one out for me, cheering me on, and letting me complete my goal! Thanks to God for keeping me safe! And thanks to my mom because I know she would’ve been there if she could have.

Beck (hiding behind the ninja turtle) and Noah with me after the race! Russell is taking the photo :(

Beck (hiding behind the ninja turtle) and Noah with me after the race! Russell is taking the photo 😦

The medals we got!

The medals we got!


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