Well, it seems there may be a pattern starting……

I have been doing so good this week. Trying to get as much sleep as possible (with 2 young boys), at least 6 cups of water a day but usually more, vitamins, eating healthy and THEN…….I get a phone call Wednesday afternoon, Noah is throwing up. Yep! He had the stomach virus. I stay home with him Thursday and nurse him back. Thursday (last) night around 10:30/11:00 Beckham starts throwing up and was so sick dry heaving all night, yep he got it as well! Russell woke up feeling queasy and I just got a text he is throwing up! So I the last one left, as I sit here typing feel quite nauseous. I AM PRAYING AND HOPING it is just because I am exhausted and basically did not sleep last night. I get queasy when I haven’t had enough sleep so I just hope and pray that is it! I have worked so hard the past 8/9 weeks to complete this half marathon and to have a stomach virus stop me is just depressing.

SO I have made up mind. IF I get the virus (depending on when it happens) I will still run if I think I can do it. I may just have to take a few more breaks and run at a slower pace, but no way in hell am I not doing this! (unless it is just really, really bad otherwise I will be sucking it up)

Say a prayer for me that I do not get it and that if I do I can power through this! All I can do is laugh at this point because this seems to be a pattern starting.

I will update you guys this weekend on how (IF I GET TO DO IT) the half marathon went!!


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