35 minute treadmill workout

Thanks to fitsugar.com for posting Barry’s Bootcamp 30 minute treadmill workout! Celebrities use him and looking at this workout I know why! This is pretty intense. You can adjust this to fit your needs but make sure you are working out as hard as you can and challenging yourself! For 35 minutes this is a great workout! If you have extra time you can always throw in some strength training as well, since you are already at the gym using the treadmill!

Remember to always switch up your workouts! You never want your body doing the same thing over and over again otherwise you are working the same muscles! So step outside your comfort zone and try a new workout! AND always ask yourself during your workout “AM I WORKING THE HARDEST I CAN? CAN I GO HARDER AND DIG DEEPER?” and afterwards “DO I LOOK CUTE OR CRAPPY? IF I LOOK CUTE THEN MY WORKOUT DIDN’T DO SHIT…IF I LOOK CRAPPY THEN I KNOW I WORKED MY ASS OFF!





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