Portobello Mushroom Burger

So I had this recipe to make this portobell0 mushroom burger and I lost the recipe. I tried searching the internet for it again but couldn’t find it. So I already had the mushrooms and had to figure out what the heck I was going to do with them. So this is what I did! Wish I would’ve taken a picture! I forgot! It was quiet delicious and very filling! The meat on the inside was great because it satisfied Russell’s meat craving! He has to have meat at night somehow! This would be good without the steak as well but the steak did help fill me up! I stayed full for about 4 hours off of it!

I estimated it was around 450 calories.

  • Roasted red pepper had like maybe 5 calories
  • the mild pepperoncini was basically 0 for the amount I put , it’s around 25 calories for  5 peppers and I didn’t even use half of a pepper on mine
  • Onion half for me – 25ish calories
  • balsamic vinegar around 100 calories
  • mushrooms were a total of 75 calories (25 calories for 3 oz.)
  • mozzarella cheese I used around 100 calories worth
  • steak I used about 150 calories worth


  1. 2 portobello mushrooms
  2. shredded mozzarella cheese
  3. mild pepperoncini in a jar (I chopped mine in smaller pieces, you may want to leave yours in strips)
  4. roasted red peppers in a jar (I cut mine in strips)
  5. onion (cut into strips)
  6. Newman’s Own light balsamic vinegar dressing
  7. leftover sirloin steak from the night before


I put some of the balsamic vinegar dressing in the skillet on medium heat and added the portobello mushrooms, then I drizzled a little more balsamic vinegar on the actual mushroom. (I cooked with lid on) I cooked those down a little and then placed the mushrooms on a lipped cookie sheet (sprayed with canola oil) I broiled those for a few minutes. While all of this was going on I shredded up the left over sirloin steak and sautéed the onions. Once the onions were getting close I dumped the steak in and warmed it with the onions. I then pulled out the mushrooms and put steak/onion mixture on one of the mushrooms, topped it with mozzarella cheese, and the mild pepperoncini and roasted red peppers. I sprinkled a little cheese on the other mushroom as well. Broiled until cheese melted and then put the mushroom with just cheese on top of the other mushroom, broiled for another minute. DONE!

***The pepperoncini are hot, so I put a good bit on Russell’s and less on mine. 


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