Christie Brinkley I must say WOW!!!!

Christie Brinkley turns 60 tomorrow and she looks AMAZING!cb 60 22 Yall shes 60 (23 photos)

Thanks to for the Christie Brinkley images! I saw these and had to share! CAN YOU BELIEVE SHE IS 60!!!! THIS IS WHY I WANT TO EAT HEALTHY,  EXERCISE, TRY TO GET PLENTY OF REST, AND TAKE CARE OF MYSELF. She looks WONDERFUL!  NOT just her body but her face as well! I know she is like every woman who has things she wish she could change but she really has NOTHING to change! She looks wonderful! I know she is a little freak of nature but I can’t help but think this woman works her butt off to look this good! I KNOW she has to eat healthy and exercise to stay this beautiful! Her face and her body show that she has taken care of herself. I know she has money which helps to still look that good for several reasons BUT she has had kids, divorces, and just like anyone else there have been bad things in her life….We all go through some type of rough patches, the patches are just different but still rough.

So I praise Christie Brinkley for taking care of herself and looking this good! We should all use her as inspiration to know that taking care of  your body now will make sure it is around and of good use to you in the future! So make sure you eat clean and healthy, you drink plenty of water, moisturize your face, exercise, take your vitamins, read devotionals, meditate, do yoga, relax, laugh, and just be content, calm, & joyful as much as possible! It’s never to late to start being healthy and taking care of your body!


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