Half Marathon this weekend!

Well this is it! Saturday I run my first half-marathon (Mississippi River Marathon – we run from Arkansas  across the bridge (3 miles itself) to Mississippi!) Very excited and nervous! We ran on Saturday just 6 miles and it was hard! We talked about it and think we thought OH 6 miles, piece of cake – and we didn’t take it as a challenge….oh boy were we wrong!!! Slow time… it took us 1 hour and 10 minutes! The wind was hard to run against but as far as temp it was perfect weather! It was just one of those days! I did drink a beer and eat the BEST burger ever at the Delta Meat Market for the Young Professionals party. OH and I had bunco Thursday night soooo that probably slowed me down some! My schedule for this week is run 4 miles today, 3 on Tuesday, and 2 on Wednesday – Thursday and Friday I will just stretch and let my body rest. This week I really have to focus on my water, I don’t drink nearly enough throughout the day and that definitely helps with the tiredness feeling. Hopefully this race I will get a few nights of sleep before hand! We leave Saturday Morning at 5:15 and have to be in Greenville so that the last  bus can take us over at 6:30. Race starts at 8:00 a.m! I will take some photos to share with you all next week! Friday I will carb up, drink lots of water, and make sure all race gear is ready! 

Know that your goals can be reached even if they seem unobtainable. Russell asked me several times to think about doing a half-marathon and I told him he had lost his mind. (sorry russ, haha) My mind told me no! I am not a runner. Running 3 miles was hard and then I thought 6 miles was tough so I couldn’t imagine doing 13!! Then I started training and realized 3 is a breeze and 6 is just a little hard. Some people can not run for months and then just jump up and do 5 miles and keep a 9 or 10 minute pace. I sadly am not one of those, so I considered myself not a true runner. Well you know what…I am a runner. I RUN, don’t I? I have run 5ks, 10ks, and now a half-marathon, so no I don’t run at a 9 minute mile pace but I still run! I will work on pace later. Right now the goal is to finish this half! The next half I do I can focus on my pace and trimming my time down for a personal goal.

What I want you to understand in all of this is don’t let your mind tell you that you can’t do it! Don’t let your mind tell you you’re not good. Screw my mind! You know what? I am good, I am running 13 miles on Saturday it doesn’t matter my pace…not everybody can say they have done that or will do that. I am very hard on myself and say Well, I am not good because he/she finished it 20 or 30 mins faster than me or she is running a minute faster than me on pace. I am not worried with that anymore! I am good because I set a goal and will reach it on Saturday. I am good because I stepped out of my comfort zone and did something new. I may keep a slower pace but I tell myself a lot of things so I remember and I don’t get as discouraged. This is my first half marathon, I have never run over 6 miles until I started training for this. I have been training during the Christmas Holidays, very hard to do. It has been so cold and I have really been into my barre and Pilates that I didn’t run like I should have during the middle of the weeks. The training program I used was to just complete it, it wasn’t focused on time. Baby number 2 was born in March 2013 I really didn’t get cleared and really start hardcore exercising until May/June but I ran my first 10k and about to run my first half marathon (less than a year after my child was born) that is hard enough right there- getting back in shape after baby is having to start ALL over again, it is difficult. I am running a lot of times tired because I have two young boys at home. So you know what…. screw my brain! I have a lot of goals that I have met in a year! I am good! Don’t let your mind tell you otherwise! The number I come in at this race doesn’t matter because I am still beating others around me with no goals and who are not working towards something. Don’t be one of those people sitting on the couch with no aspirations! Jump up and get started now on something that will change your life for the better! I KNOW you CAN DO IT!!!


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