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I know you will be headed to the grocery store for the week! Think about your choices when you go! Stay as clean and healthy as possible! Think before you buy and ask yourself IS IT WORTH IT?????

People laugh at me because if we are at a party, Bunco, wherever, I ask “Is that reallllllyyyyy good or just okay? Is it worth the calories” IF they say oh yes I try it and see for myself. Then I ask myself after the first bite How good is this? Is it worth it??? If it isn’t I wrap it up in a napkin and throw it away! If it isn’t worth the calories then I will wait! I am not going to eat something with 1,000 calories just to eat…it better be damn good! 

So this week my parents went to NOLA (one of my parents and my favorites places to go) and I asked them to pick up a King Cake for Beck. They dropped it off and it was a Rouse’s filled with cream cheese. It was fresh and so freaking good! I couldn’t turn down a king cake from New Orleans, I’m good but NOT THAT GOOD! NOW that was WORTH THE CALORIES! Since I ate… okay 2 slices pretty much everyday for 3 days! I had to double my exercise! So I did an hour of strength and then that night did Insanity and then yesterday I ran for 5 miles. Today I will be doing 20 mins on arms, 20 mins on legs, and 20 mins on core! IF it is worth the calories that is fine I will eat it but I know I better only eat it once or otherwise I will have to hit the workout even harder to burn off what I ate…so it makes me really think before it goes in my mouth. 

This is WORTH the calories and the extra exercise I will have to do!

This is WORTH the calories and the extra exercise I will have to do!



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