Create an Inspiration Board!

Absolutely!!! I have not been in shape for years. I am so motivated to be the best me by starting with my health and fitness. This is the year!!! This quote is my inspiration to myself. Keep going and don't give up no matter what.

OH YEAH! I saw this on Pintrest and had to share with all of you! Some of the others below may help you start your own board! Make yourself an inspiration board! I have pictures, quotes, and sayings posted to my bathroom mirrors and my fridge! The images on the fridge remind me that the healthy options are tasty as well! There are some pictures of healthy food but I also have  things that are good eating options before workouts, etc… My bathroom has quotes to motivate, pictures, and workouts I can do. They keep me going! So try to find a few images/quotes and tape somewhere that you can see them to help motivate you! Check Pintrest and!

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(Russell put this one on my inspiration board, hahaha! pretty funny and very true!)



Here’s a couple ideas for what to eat before a workout depending on what type of workout you are trying to do too.

southern living stawberry spinach salad


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