And for the times we ALL think this! Tired, TIRED, Tired but we keep on moving! Nothing is going to stop us from reaching that goal! NOTHING!!! 


I can not take the credit….she has done this on her own!

I was talking with one of my friends the other day, she has lost almost 30 pounds now and has went down 4 sizes (that is doing it by 10, 12,14 etc..) YES! She fit in a SIZE 10!!! She really needed the size 11 because the tens were tight BUT it doesn’t matter she got in them and zipped them up!! WOOHOOO!! Now we have 20 more pounds to go and now we will start toning this week! We have focused just on cardio first, to help get the fat layer down before we started building muscle. So now we can start toning, which will help burn calories later on and really tone up and shape her body. She has had her ups and down getting here, gaining a pound or two here and there but I told her in the next 8 weeks we have to hit it HARD!!! So we are about to step it up a notch! MORE clean, less “bars” etc… and WATER, WATER, WATER! Once she gets to her healthy size then we can take a step back and throw a few more bars back in but right now the next 8 weeks she really has to commit! Once she gets to her ideal size she can sneak a piece of pizza on the weekends and it won’t matter as long as she is eating healthy all week. 

I am so proud of her and what she has done. Yes, I have pushed her, encouraged and advised her BUT she is doing this on her own. SHE has to be the one to make the decision to get up everyday and make a change in her life. I CAN’T be the one to lose her weight, she has to do it. I can help her and train her but in the end it is all her! She has to wake up and motivate herself and challenge herself.  She can say its all me that made her fit but it really isn’t. Yes I inspired her and gave her workout and food ideas BUT she is the one to actually pull through and do it. She has the willpower that I can not make her have! I can not accept credit for her body because this is all her! I am not her babysitter that watches her every move. I do not know if she got her physical exercise in and ate right EVERY day, she has to watch over herself some too!

I hate when people try to take credit away from others. Are you the one who actually did it? Are you the one who actually used your body and mind to do whatever it was that was accomplished? IF you weren’t the one to slave away then NO you can’t take the credit. YES, my husband got me into exercising because he exercises BUT he isn’t the one who works out and creates my exercises and makes my food decisions. I MAKE my food choices, I decide to workout, I decide what the workout is. My husband doesn’t try to take credit for what I have done! He smiles sometimes this little smile because he does know that he paid it forward. He got me into working out by proposing to me (nobody wants to be unhealthy on wedding day) and then I told him I wanted to run a 5k so he helped me get ready for that. Seeing him exercising and being fit in return made me want to! Then from there I went. We now share our ideas, food recipes/ideas, and trainings with each other. I cannot and will not take credit for helping others. I am the one who encourages and tells them that THEY CAN DO IT and once they realize THEY CAN DO IT – they no longer need my encouragements, which means they no long need me! I am not here to take the glory, YOU are the one who should receive that glory! YOU are the one who sweated and sucked it up to have the body you have! I just gave you the push you needed. SO don’t ever say, Rivers made me this way or whatever…No, no I didn’t. YOU made yourself that way! I just believed in you and knew that you could do it if you really wanted to!

So to all my peeps out there trying to start out into the healthy world, it is hard. It is a BIG change, but it is a GOOD change. You have never heard of anyone say “I hate my healthy lifestyle” . That is because once you get use to being healthy you don’t hate it, YOU LOVE IT! Change is hard and challenging but once you commit you will be satisfied with the results. 

IF you want to commit but are scared of doing it on your own or if you just need a push everyday I am here. I BELIEVE in you! I KNOW you can do this! I just need you to WANT it as bad as I WANT it for YOU!  Leave me a comment if you want some help and I will connect with you via email or phone to help get you started!

Legs/Butt (few core in with it them) add these to your workout to change it up!


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da mo 17 Daily motivation (25 photos)

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Of course you always have your basics –

squats- regular, 1 legged squats or wall squats

wall squats holding for a minute at a time, can even switch up the wall squats by swapping legs and holding them straight out in front of you during the wall squat so squat with back against wall, then lift right leg (still in squat position) hold then place right leg in squat position with left. Then take left leg and lift straight out in front and hold, put back in squat position and switch to the right leg lift.

stairs, stair climber, or a step up

dead lifts


thanks to theberry for the images!


I LOVE the barre workouts and these ballet body DVD’s are awesome! They are great at toning and lengthening!!

I have 4 of Leah’s DVD’s and LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!!!! TRY THEM! I ordered mine on Amazon! All of them very reasonably priced! Around 10 and 15 dollars! THEY WORK! I found some of the exercises from the DVD’s below!

Here are the 4 DVD’s that I have!

Product Details Product DetailsProduct DetailsProduct Details

I got the following from

We asked Leah Sarago, creator of the Ballet Body series of workout DVDs, to share some dance-inspired exercises that will tone, lengthen and strengthen your body from top to bottom. “Ballet body workouts sculpt the physique by creatively blending beautiful, dance-like movements with eccentric contractions, all while working the muscles at greater muscle angle lengths to elongate the entire body,” she explains.


Knee opener in side plank

Knee opener in side plank

Start by lying on your side with your legs folded in half and your forearm parallel to edge of the mat. Turn out the top leg with the top of the kneecap pointing toward the ceiling. Your foot can rest on the floor or on your lower leg while lengthening and extending your free arm towards the ceiling. Lift your hips up, pressing away from the floor and drawing your navel in toward your spine to engage the core, and press firmly into the mat with your forearm to activate your shoulder and lats. Hold this position for two counts. Lower your hips and rotate your leg into a parallel position and lower the extended arm towards the floor. Repeat these two movements 12 times on each side.


Arabesque-inspired arms

Arabesque-inspired arms

For this arm toning move you’ll need two dumbbells (2 to 5 pounds). Start by standing in a side lunge position with your toes pointing out toward the corners of the room and your arms down in front of you, but slightly rounded. Lift your arms strongly into an L-shape (one out to the side, one above your head) while holding the weights lightly in each hand to work the shoulders, then lower your arms. “Imagine resisting through the space and lengthening with each movement,” advises Sarago. Repeat this move eight to 12 times on each side.


Accent de trois in plie releve

Accent de trois in plié relevé

You will need a chair or barre for balance for this exercise. Start by placing your legs in a wide second position — your feet outside of the hips and toes pointing to the corners of the room with heels lifted. Lower into a plie position and segment the exercise into three levels. Lower into the plie on count one, go lower on count two and the lowest level on count three. Make sure to go as low into the plie position on the third level while keeping the knees above and in line with the ankles. To return to the starting position, lift up for three counts by again lifting higher on each level. Repeat these “accents of three” for eight sets.


Sit-backs with attitude in parallel

Sit-backs with attitude in parallel

You’ll need a sturdy couch, door frame or a wall-mounted barre to pull away from for this exercise. Start with your hands on the barre and turn out your front leg from the hip while gently bending at the knee. Fold your other leg in half with the toe pointed and foot in line with your knee (called attitude parallel position). Shift your hips back and sit back as if you were reaching for a chair and pulling away with your arms to get deeper into the position. Keep your hips square while maintaining the attitude parallel position. Go lower into the sit-back to challenge the glutes and thighs more, but make sure to keep the knee over the ankle on the supporting leg during the movement and don’t let your back arch, says Sarago. Perform 16 reps on each leg.


Half roll-down in butterfly

Half roll down in butterfly

Begin on a mat with your feet together and knees open in a butterfly position. Inhale, lift tall through your spine, stretching through your chest and reaching the arms open. On the exhale, draw your navel into your spine while rounding your spine and drawing into your center as you round your arms toward your navel. “Continue to resist through the movement and challenge the core more by pulling back and going lower toward the floor,” Sarago says. Repeat this movement for eight reps.


Attitude ab-tilt on forearms

Attitude-ab tilt on forearms

Lying back on your mat and resting on your forearms, round your spine by drawing your navel in to make contact with the mat. Fold both legs in half, turning out from the hips and pointing the toes (known as an attitude position). Draw one leg in toward your shoulder while the other leg hovers above the floor. Using the strength of your abdominals, tilt your pelvis to draw your legs in toward your chest making a rocking motion without moving your legs. “This is a small movement,” notes Sarago. “Strongly draw the navel in to allow the pelvis to perform the movement, not the legs,” she says. Exhale as you tilt the pelvis and draw the navel in. Perform eight reps on each leg.


Learn to say NO and to trash the Negative Nancy’s in your life!

My life is full! I MEAN full! I work – I teach art to 14 different high schools everyday. I teach 4 schools at a time via interactive video, they can also get college credit for the class if they want to participate. I am an artist as well, I paint, draw, and do ceramics. I have a 4-year-old and a 1-year-old, both boys! I am married to a wonderful husband who is in Finance and is also a Volunteer Fireman. Right now he is studying for the 2nd part of the CFA, so he is gone at night (usually around 7 or 7:30, he comes home at 5:00 to see the boys and eat supper then he is off to study until usually 10:30 or 11:00)studying to pass hopefully! First part down, two more to go! He is also a CFP and has his CPA. He gets home late at night and on top of that he has fire calls at 2:00 a.m. and so forth.  I also belong to a few organizations around town and have my parents, brothers and his family as well. 

I am constantly asked to be here, do this, do that, can you help with this, I need you to do this…..I finally learned just in the past few months to say NO. I am a southern belle, we are taught to say YES to everything! It is impolite to say NO. Well, I decided it’s not impolite, it’s just what has to happen. When the boys get older I can say YES more. I am stretched so thin that I lose my keys or phone 24/7, I forget to throw the Dr. Seuss clothes on the kids for Dr. Seuss week, I forget because my mind has a billion things rushing through it.

I have so much going through it that HAS to be done. NO wait, some of these things don’t HAVE to be done. Sometimes you just have to say no! I give, give, give to the point that Rivers has nothing left. I want to stay young hearted and vibrant, I don’t want to be bitter and old. So I started saying NO. I work in time for myself through exercise and bubble baths at night. I say no when I’m stretched so thin I just can’t take one more thing or I will explode because in the end it doesn’t matter.

YES I want to help and give and do but there is only so much I can do right now. I have a family to care for and that comes first. So I started saying NO when I need to and I started cutting people out of my life (somewhat) who are negative and bring me down. I LOVE my life! I LOVE my job, I LOVE being an artist, I LOVE my family, I LOVE my body, I LOVE my friends – I don’t want people around me that are negative and going to bring me into the low that they are in. Negativity is contagious and I don’t want to catch that! I have a positive outlook and want my friends to be upbeat and positive not unhappy with their life. YOU make your life what it is!! YOU are in control! You can CHOOSE to be HAPPY or SAD! I make the choice to love my life everyday! I AM BLESSED, VERY BLESSED! I am thankful for what the lord has given me and I don’t want to EVER forget how good my life is! I want to look at my kids and be happy not mad that I had them, I want to look at Russell and remember all the reasons I married him, I want to not be mad I am on my way to work everyday! I appreciate all that has been given to me and I KNOW without a doubt I am blessed! I am not perfect, neither is my husband, children, parents, brothers, friends, and so on. Everyday isn’t going to be a walk in the park but I can look at those days and know its all okay! 

LEARN to say NO, so that you don’t lose the happiness in your life and get side tracked by silly things. ALSO, de-clutter your life of people with nasty attitudes! They make life harder and NOBODY needs that! Life is hard enough without the negative Nancy’s around! GO out today and be OPTIMISTIC! Spread your happiness to those around you and be an uplifting person!!!

Russell and beck on the beach!

Russell and beck on the beach!


Beck and Noah supporting the SAINTS!

russ and boys

Ready for church!

“I just want to got the gym, put some headphones on, and zone the *#@% out!” KK

da mo 171 Daily motivation (25 photos)

Working out gives your mind a break from everyday life! It helps to de-stress and get those frustrations out! IF you go to the gym and work out those frustrations it will lead you to a better body! see body below!

da mo 514 Daily motivation (25 photos)

The body above comes from working out but also eating healthy! See below:

da mo 1614 Daily motivation (25 photos)

The body below comes from eating healthy and exercising!

da mo 2315 Daily motivation (25 photos)

A lot of us think WE CAN’T DO IT! We can’t lose weight, we can’t run a half marathon or that we can’t eat healthy! We think negative thoughts, which make us think we can’t do anything…WHEN WE REALLY CAN!!! see below

da mo 811 Daily motivation (25 photos)

WHAT HAVE WE LEARNED HERE?????  A fit and healthy body that is able to do things doesn’t happen in a day, it takes time. It also can happen at any age, after any hard thing that has happened in your life, no matter what you weigh. You just have to have the willpower and say YOU CAN DO THIS! You just have to tell yourself TO BE STRONG, SUCK IT UP OR MAN UP and DO THIS! 

First start with exercising to let go of stressful situations or to create “you” time – start by making exercise enjoyable! From exercising start by eating a little healthier – to perform better in your activities you will need to eat better so the two connect. When you are exercising and eating healthy guess what will come from that – a fit body! Also, determination! You start to feel that you can accomplish anything when you start with little goals and work your way up. I NEVER (do you hear me NEVER) thought I would run a half marathon – EVER! I set my goals from 5k, to 10k, to half marathon and worked my way there! Each time I beat a goal I realized I can do more and my determination help me to reach the next goal.  Start small and work your way there. Once you get there, I PROMISE you will never go back to your old and unhealthy lifestyle!

One Year Ago

I had to post this for all my women out there! Some of my friends are trying so hard to lose the weight but sometimes they just want to give up. This woman is a true inspiration! She shows you that if you put your mind to it and give it all you got that being healthy can be done! It’s not about the size, its about your health! The smaller fitter size will just be a plus to a healthy new life!

One Little Life Story

Today is my one year anniversary of living the Whole9 lifestyle.  I started my first W30 a year ago today and never looked back.  Have I fallen off the wagon and done some food things I’m not proud of?  Sure…. Anyone that says that they live a normal life for a year and don’t make any off roading choices or make any slip ups are probably lying to you. 

The greatest thing about the last year has been that it has not been entirely about food… in fact, it was really only tangentially about food.  

I’m not going to list all the things I learned here… I’m going to share instead, something I wrote for the Whole 30 blog, which you can see here… It was edited down a bit, so this is the whole copy… 

The motto of my blog and my life is ‘Time passes anyway. …

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