It isn’t about being SKINNY! It’s about being HEALTHY!

(this paragraph is about my past history with working out, if you don’t have time to read skip to the next section) I started working out pretty hard when I got engaged – we sent out 1,000 invites…all I could do was look at that ring on my hand and use it to focus, the hours I was working out was because 650ish people would be staring at me on my wedding day and I wanted to feel the best I could that day! After the wedding I continued to workout but just a little walk or a little run. I then made it a goal to run a 5k! So I did. We then decided to go to Cabo before having Beck I did P90x with Russell – that’s when working out hard started for me. After Beck I lost the weight but then gained some back because Beck had really, really bad acid reflux..we had to stop attending church for a while because he would projectile vomit. We had a good bit of test done and had to go to Lebonheur in Memphis. Needless to say lots of crying and no sleep on both ends. I ate to keep enough energy to go because I was exhausted. Work also sucked that year so I was just in a moment of blah!  I finally woke up one day and said get your act together you are exhausted and beck is a lot and you looking and feeling like crap isn’t helping. So I started hitting the gym and just doing a big mix of what I wanted to do. I did Warrior Dash that April in 2012. So when I got pregnant with Noah (June 2012)I was in shape and I was happy with my body. I had been running and I PLANNED to keep it up and hit the gym, BUT Beckham had to leave daycare (they had a dog in their house and he was allergic which meant he was sick a lot and we were on a waiting list for another) while on the list we had to wait months and months and months…pretty much the entire pregnancy I had Beck at home. I had to go to work from 7:30 to 1:30 – and then go home to him at 1:30. Already exhausted from being pregnant, work, and keeping up with a 2-year-old I had no energy or time to work out so I didn’t. By the time I got Beck in school it was just a few weeks until Noah would be born. Thank the lord I only gained 21 pounds during pregnancy. So after I was cleared (okay actually before I was cleared and I shouldn’t have so I stopped and waited until I was really cleared from the c-section) I got on it! I was happy with  my body right before I was pregnant and knew I could get it back if I worked my ass off. So I did! I started doing Insanity (I had to stop for a while for some reasons with my body/c-section= too much jumping to soon) so I started running and going to the gym. I pushed and pushed! I MADE time for me to workout! I ate healthy and pretty clean. So I was running my typical 3 miles when one day I pushed myself to 5 miles. So I decided I’m going to run a 10k! I was already almost there and in September I did! So I said, hell I have run 6 miles what’s a few more? So I decided to train for a half-marathon (that is next weekend)! While running, I started doing Pilates and Barre in July. So while I have been training I have been doing all sorts of stuff in between – Pilates, barre, insanity, P90x, dancing, kickboxing, bike, elliptical, weights.. I have been switching up my workouts and doing what I want to do! I make my workouts about what I need and what I want to do! I am down to pre pregnancy weight again and I am back in my size 8’s which are a little snug (thanks to the padunkadunk I got from lunges, barre, etc..) I am the most fit and healthy I have ever been. Now, I have been skinnier but not this toned and in shape!

It wasn’t about becoming skinny. It was about becoming healthy and fit and as a result I have becoming healthy and toned, and I guess you can say skinny for me! My goal was to eat healthy and exercise to lengthen my life and the reduce the risk of having high blood pressure, diabetes, and so forth. My goal was to show my boys that if you eat healthy and exercise your body will be around and of good use to you for quiet some time. My goal was to eat healthy and workout so I could feel good about myself! It isn’t about being skinny, though I won’t say it isn’t nice being a toned smaller size. To me it has been more enjoyable being fit and having the strength that I have. I feel like I can do anything! I feel so strong and powerful. I feel like if I can go through labor contractions, have two c-sections, deal with some of the crap I have dealt with in my life, and run a half-marathon ….that I CAN DO ANYTHING I WANT!!! SO I SHALL! So I will now train for a sprint triathlon! 400 meter swim, 12 mile bike, and 3.1 run SCARED?!?! HELL YES! I have never done one or THOUGHT I would do one! But now I have made up my mind and so I will do it!

On the trek to being healthy, strong, and fit I have become a happier person not just with my body but my mind has relaxed. I feel less stressed and uptight. Overall every part of my body has thanked me for this journey I have taken. (except my knees maybe, ha!)  Don’t workout and eat healthy to look like Reese Witherspoon or whoever. Do it to FEEL better and BE better. DO IT FOR YOURSELF! Doing it to be skinny won’t last for long but doing it to be healthy will last a lifetime!




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