Hitting the gym is related to if I look cute or not??

I read recently that a study found around 60% of women are more motivated to work out when they look good. HA isn’t that the funniest thing ever! We go to the gym so we can work out and eventually get the body we want but if we don’t look good we don’t want to hit the gym as much!?!?!?!?!/ WHAT? This makes a lot of sense though – I LOVE getting new workout gear and looking all cute when I hit the gym because I feel better about myself. (Which is the case even when I am not working out. I always try to fix up because I feel more confidant and better when I am dolled up.) So if you look like crap and you already feel like crap about yourself…its kind of saying you more likely to sit at home and not workout. HMMM interesting…because I have heard so many people say I don’t like the gym because people stare at me and I feel uncomfortable. You feel uncomfortable because you are uncomfortable with  yourself. You  know your aren’t the weight you need to be, but hey that is okay! You will be that healthy size but you have to start somewhere! Get up off you couch put makeup on, fix you hair, buy a cute shirt, sports bra, capris, etc…and exercise! Nobody said the outfit had to be 100 pair of workout leggings – buy something that makes you feel comfortable when you exercise and gives your mood a boost! I also like to reward myself with little workout treats when I can! When I have new shoes, new sports bra, cool new pants, shirts, headbands, even new music I get excited about going! Plus I just spent money on all of it so my ass better get up and go!

Don’t let being uncomfortable with yourself stop you! Start now and eventually you will lose that uncomfortable side and hitting the gym will be no problem!

Number one: Start eating right – eating healthy is like 80% of it!

Number two: Start Working out at home so you can get comfortable with exercises and lose a few pounds before you actually hit the gym – this will give you a little more confidence since you’ve lost a little weight

Number 3: buy cute workout clothes when you have lost a little. This will make you want to go because you look cute and lost a few, plus you just spent money on it, so you better wear it!.. nobody said the outfit had to be crotch length skin-tight shorts with a sports bra! Buy what is comfortable and looks good on YOU! I LOVE tight capri pants a loose-fitting shirt! 

Number 4: hit the gym and be proud of who you  are and what you are doing- screw everyone else and what they think! This is about YOU and no-one else! Screw them, you will show them in a few months who is boss of that gym! 


2 thoughts on “Hitting the gym is related to if I look cute or not??

  1. It definitely is hard to feel vulnerable in the gym when we’re already not feeling great about ourselves, but getting started will almost always turn that confidence right around.
    Thanks for the fit-spiration! 🙂

  2. I agree with all of this, especially the part about getting excited over new fitness treats (new playlists are SO exciting!).

    Everyone has to start somewhere, plus most people, as a rule, are more concerned about themselves than to be looking at or judging anyone else.

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