Are you taking life for granted??

Do we take our life for granted? Do you whine that the drop off to your kid’s school is a 20 or 30 minute process? Your children are running and screaming in the house. Your husband left his shoes right where you told him not to. Your sister keeps calling to gab and you don’t have the time. If one of them were gone you would say, I would give anything to have 20-30 minutes with my child again, I would love to hear the screaming giggled and feet on the floor, I would love to come home and see my partners mess because that means he/she is there living and breathing, I would love to talk on the phone and gab to my sister just one more time. Stop bitching about these little things as though they are horrible! You are making these things horrible! Turn them into good things! Who gives a shit that there is a mess in your house because of your kids…they are kids…you LIVE in the isn’t a museum! Leave the kitchen floor for another day so that you can spend time with your kids and your husband. Let them run and scream (some, not 24/7,  ha!) and giggle and hide because those giggles will be gone to college before you know it and you will wish to have a mess and those loud screams.

I went to a women’s event for my husbands office last night. They are starting women’s events that are free to the public that help women have knowledge about finance. The speaker was a women in her 40’s who lost her first husband at the age of 34. She found out he had cancer when she was pregnant with their third child, he died when the child was 14 months old.  She is now remarried and living a good life but her story was hard to hear and take in. Her husband had set up insurance, etc… but she had no idea where it all was and it was a hard time for her. Could you imagine being that husband, wife, or the children. The husband had to deal with knowing he would never see his children grow up, his wife losing a partner who she loved so much and then the stress of being two parents, his children who would have to deal with never playing catch with their dad or laughing at movie with their father. Yes they moved on but they will still never forget. We take each and every day for granted. We don’t know what tomorrow will hold for us. I have no idea that on Friday I could kiss my family good-bye and that be the last time.

These moments and times in our lives need to be treasured dearly because we don’t know what the future has in store for us. Don’t take your life to seriously, laugh a little more, wear what you want to wear, say what you want to say, be who you want to be! Don’t wait one more minute because you may not have one more minute! 


*I tried some new slim recipes this weekend! As usual a lot of BAD but then I had a few good! So I will be posting those probably later this week! Just in time for the weekend!!!



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