Update on my HALF!

February 8th is quickly approaching! 3 1/2 weeks!

This weekend I will be running 9 miles! Slowly but surely says the turtle! I haven’t really been sore any! I have been doing epsom baths, chocolate milk, and Russell rubs my legs after the longs runs! He says ICE BATH but I just don’t think I can! He does it and says he feels sooo much better….I just don’t think I have the kahunas to do it! Anyways, Hal Higdon’s schedule has been really good, gradually adding the miles so I think that is why I am doing okay! Don’t get me wrong after the 8 mile run, I was zapped…exhausted…felt like crap. Actually a couple of hours after the run, one of the girls sent a message “I feel like shit” haha. Yes I did as well! We woke up the next day feeling like a million bucks though!

So far we are doing good, had another two drop out (for good reasons – one of the girls won her tennis match and will have a tennis tournament in Jackson that day) she said she is trying to find another one since she has already been training. The other one decided a half was too much for her right now. She would like to build up a little more.

So it’s just the 3 of us! (feel like that song should be playing now, lol) We are all signed up and ready to go! Can’t wait to kick that 13 miles in the butt! I have been working so hard to do this and I am so proud of myself! I will let you know how the 9 and 10 miles go! I don’t actually run the 13 until race day! So we shall see!


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