Is it time??

Is it time for something new in your life?  Everyday that I wake up something new and different is happening for me, because I make my life that way! I have new goals that I want to achieve and things I want to try! They may be small goals but they are goals! My goals could be to read Gone With The Wind or run a 10k, it doesn’t matter how large or small they are! The goals no matter what size give me something new and exciting in my life.

Not only do goals make my life new and exciting but my everyday experiences do as well! My daily experiences are small ones, they may not be flying off to Italy or swimming  in the pacific ocean but they are wonderful experiences. I have had large experiences in life and traveled to many different places but the ones that matter most are the everyday experiences. When my boys laugh uncontrollably in the hallway as their dad is coming to tickle them, trying a new food, cooking a new cuisine, experiencing new friendships, meeting new goals, and so on. These experiences I worship. NO, they aren’t large but they are exciting in their own way. You see, I can’t way for a trip to Europe to make me happy because that happiness will be short-lived. I have to make my happiness in what is around me. Do you make your life new and exciting by having new goals and enjoying the everyday experiences? Maybe that is why you are unhappy. You aren’t appreciating the little moments and not setting goals which bring newness to your life.

Take a walk outside and breathe the fresh air, let it fill your lungs. Now think, think about who you want to be, what you want to accomplish and what matters most to you. Make a goal for yourself, large or small. Then I want you to focus on what experience you had today that makes your life enjoyable and happy. Lastly, thank the lord for what you have been given and ask him to keep your focus on the small everyday experiences that make your life exciting in its own way!


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