A girls best friend…the JUNO!

Moving Comfort Women's Juno Bra

Moving Comforts has created THE BEST high impact sports bra!!! TRUST ME! I KNOW what I am talking about. The straps adjust and so does the band. It is hard to get off and on when your sweaty but these are my go to when doing high impact exercises! I recommend buying the bra super tight around the band area. I first bought a 36 after having Noah. I was running fine until I lost some weight and it started getting a little loose…it created a chaffed area that actually got rubbed so bad it was raw. I purchased a 34 D this time and back to no chaffing! So when you are buying the bra go a little smaller. My cup size is between a D and DD so I always go smaller. The tighter the better!

This sports bra is titled the JUNO made by Moving Comforts. Prices Range from wherever you buy! I try to look for the sales because average price is 50$.  If you type in Google some were 29$ plus shipping! I ordered my last one on Amazon for 40$ and got the free shipping.

Try one out and see how well you like it!


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